Law of the devil chapter 71 is out

Law of the devil chapter 71 is out, Click HERE to read it.

Man this chapter was hard to translate, the author liked to use some fancy words here.

Note, “Roland” is the family name of the royal family of the empire and is different from “Rowling” which is the family name of Du Wei’s clan.


  1. Oh really… the whole time I thought it was just a translator mistake and that “Roland” and “Rowling” is one of the same…is both of Du wei”s family clan name.

    • Yes you are correct, its around 3,600 words long while some of the previous one was around 2000. One of the reason it took me 3 days to translate this chapter.

  2. im kind of annoyed about this whole ark, 1. i feel its taking a bit to long, and 2. I feel that he left some unfinished business in the last ark and 3. i hope the old magician isnt a dick and keeps him stuck and tries to get all his secrets and not allow him to ever leave like vivian.

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