To answer some of the questions others are asking me so far.

Currently I feel its best for me to work alone because it gives me more freedom to edit my translation and to release my chapters.


And also regarding the question about subscribing to my blog. I will put something up like that in the future but not at this point because i’m pretty new to managing a word press site still.


As for chapter release speeds, It may vary depending on how much time I have off from work but I estimate somewhere between 2 to 3 days for a chapter if i’m working..


  1. Another question, would you be interested to host the chapters on my blog? I would give you author rights of course. This way, both our novels would get a bigger audience 🙂

  2. Hi nice to know u picked this up.
    One request plz don’t fall pray to people like alyschu.she will take ur work and put her name on releases plus try to milk money from u.
    Try hosting or collaborate with wuxiaworld. Nice people there .
    Also reg this at ,reditt etc
    Good luck

    • Alyschu really isn’t doing that… Try not to slander people without knowing the whole situation. The saying: “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it” is a good thing to live by.

      • then why does people slander crack guy without knowing the full story, at least he have showed some evidence about what he says..

    • haha oh yeah right , is this a new account you made James? to slender them ? hahaha keep trying to cry about that , everyone ignores you however keep trying hard making new accounts and such , its quite funny hahah

    • I wonder people like you who tried their best to destroy other people. No matter what you do, just put it in mind why did Alyschu last so long in the translating world? Insincerity and untrustworthy when dealing with others doesnt make you last long anywhere you go in whatever you do. Dont do this to others, and if they did mind to let you know, karma can only strech so far before it come back to you. I learn the hard way toying with karma and its not fun…

  3. You picked up this novel?… I may fall un love with ya … But you know manly love not homo … Maybe.
    Thax for thy work !

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