Added donation button

Hello everyone, I have added a donation button on the site.

Another thing is i’m gonna be doing sponsorship for chapters from now on to increase the release speed because if i’m gonna be earning the same amount from work, I rather earn it through this.

For every total $40 I reach in donation, I’ll release a extra chapter on top of the 2 to 3 chapters i normally release.

This idea was given to me by my friend and I also believe its a great idea.


  1. yea and keep trying on novel translations subreddit, ik what you said earlier but if you get upvotes it will soon stop, lets get more traffic for this awesome novel

  2. Seems i should wait 24 hours on reddit to post with mod checking it. Another thing was that i didn’t link it properly which kind of confused me because i was following their format.

    As for Aho…. I can’t even get it to register my account even though i activated it through my email. Seems the site owner is too busy dealing with something else.

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