Law of the devil Chapter 76 is out

Law of the devil Chapter 76 is out. CLICK HERE to read.

I also started to add the chapter title because it seems some of you wanted to read it.

Thanks to everyone that sent me a message on how to do the chapter navigation links. I was able to figure out how to do it, Thanks a lot.


  1. Thanks for the chapters. To answer your question above, you can use HTML tags in the html section when writing your post to add links at the bottom of your page. A simple example of this would be to use name of link. So for your chapter 75 you’d put:

    Previous Chapter
    Next Chapter

    into the bottom of your html section, and it would give you two links that you can then adjust and format the links in the visual section. Don’t know if this was the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps.

  2. Oops didn’t realize it would link in the comment it should look like this:

    a href = “”> Previous Chapter
    a href = “”> Next Chapter

    Except you need a the start should also have a < at the beginning of the tag like this:
    <a href = "link"… (rest of tag)

    Sorry for unintentional troll.

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