Picking up Stellar transformation

Hello guys, a friend of mine been pestering me to translate stellar transformation. Since i’m already translating Law of the devil, i would need to rotate between both story in my releases. What you guys think?

The verdict from you guys seems to be against picking this up. Guess I’ll break the news to my friend then.


  1. Since people are already translating it, just leave it to them. Even if they’re a little slow, it’s still going. And if someone suddenly jacks their series, it’ll make them feel bad and likely quit translating altogether.
    Check out this post by Ren of Wuxia World on a really good breakdown on this:
    http://www.wuxiaworld.com/st-and-poaching/ (This link leads to the reddit post below)
    It’s actually even about Stellar Transformations in particular.
    Just focus on your own series, or pick something up that’s been officially dropped if you want to do another at the same time.

  2. It’s like a virus. Everyone who picks it up seems to drop it after a while. I would hate for it to effect you and your translation of Law of the Devil cause I truly enjoy it. So I must request that you don’t pick it up. :L

  3. They’re still translating ST, they’re just a bit slow. If you split work between LoTD and ST surely you’d be just as slow? PICK SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW! (luurvvee new stuff to read)

  4. I’d stick with just the Law of the Devil translations if I were you. Often when translators diversify their attention over several novels each individual novel’s translations slow to a crawl. It’s better to focus on a single project (that you like) then do a few bits here and there from different ones. Having a bit of pace in the story makes for a nicer read too.

    Apart from that, Stellar Transformations is already being translated. Though it has slowed down the last few weeks, I’m sure this is just temporarily. If and when they need help the nice people at Translation Nations will ask for it, as they have done so before.

  5. Yeah you should just stick to doing one project at a time, Law of the Devil really needs more love, ST already has enough love, you shouldn’t split the love between a fat child and a skinny child, therefore please focus on law of the devil more!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

  6. Stick with “Law of the Devil”. Don’t slow down the translations for that series… plus, others are already doing it.. even if it is slow… so just let it go…

  7. I love both novels and think it would be great if you could because the frequency of translation nation with stellar transformation has slowed to snail pace , but I think it would be better to check with before trying to decide. Also if you think it would impact your pace too much I think I would probably be better to just not do it.

    • yes, just stick with Law of the Devil. because i love this novel too. and don’t want to long for read the next chapter.
      And thanks for your hard work for pick this novel (LOTD) from the wuxia translator.

  8. I’m a big fan of ST but my vote is to just do LoTD. At the end of the day, it’s your choice. Whichever you choose to do, I’ll be reading both. =D

  9. I really love Emo Faze so first of all TYVM for picking it up. And please don’t divede your divine translation powers. TYVM again. X infinite.

  10. Please try working with the current translator. Too many times a new translator picks up this series and pisses of the current one.

  11. Dont! What are you thinking? whant to kill me with slow releases?..
    Talking serious its better to focus in one think at time and doit right without overloading you with extra work and eventualy get sick of translating… It happens before, and believe me that also applies with life stuff(sorry non english languaje)

  12. Being slow is no reason to take a project from someone else. Any group/translator that continues to work on a series is worthy of praise, no matter their speed. Sneaking projects simply creates hard feelings in the community, even if the current translators sneaked the project from someone else.

    Unless a group has decided that they can’t continue their translation work or haven’t released anything for at least a few months, it is less than fair play to take the translation from them, much less if the reason is to fulfill the insatiable lust of us leachers (no offense to your friend, lustful leacher here too).

    Even if you have permission, I would prefer you focus on the excellent series you are already translating, personally! :}

    If you need something to break up your work on TLotD, then look for a fun, easy side project no one is working on, or offer to provide a little help to boost the speed of the current team—that’s my suggestion.

    • Being slow is a perfectly good reason to take a project from someone else. The minimum acceptable speed of translation should be around 2 chapters a week. Look at something like Coiling Dragon, the first 20 books of coiling dragon has 762 chapters. If it was translated at the 1 month per chapter speed of Stellar Transformation, then it would have taken 63.5 years to finish the first 20 chapters…. which would make reading it pointless since you would never finish. Most of these translated novels are extremely long, CD is not especially long, something like MGA is even longer than that. Translating 1 chapter a week is better but would still have made CD take 15.9 years to translate to the end of book 20, 2 chapters a week would take around 8 years, which is still far from ideal, but acceptable. If you translate at the speed of CD or MGA with 12+ chapters a week it would take only slightly over a year.

  13. you should probably stick with one novel , you already have enough on your plate , and ST is also being translated already , not to mention ST has bigger chapters than law of the devil , so with your seed on law of the devil , if you pick another novel besides law of the devil and that is ST you will probably release chapters at the rate the group is doing ST right now , lol !

    Stay healthy !

    P.S , Or you can contact translation nation and tell them you want to help up with the speed on the project since there are a few people working on it , and you are not Ren on his speed to translate chapters like that , better do it with another poeple 😛

    Imo stick with law of the devil or just help the people at translation nation or dont do it at all alone .

  14. Please dont take it over, rather work with the guy, ask him wht hcapter hes on so you dont do the same chapter, that was what has killed ST over and over and over again.

    Deep down i would love to see a better pace though, so please do what u can.

  15. if you can work with the current translators sure or if you can get there permission or blessing but please please please dont just start translating it without contact first, there will undoubtedly be more hatred from this cycle of ST droping and then if or when you slow down there will probably be fans that will go nuts and come here to complain….

  16. Do it for your friend. Also, you don’t owe the other translators anything. Only the original author can tell you what you can or can’t do.

  17. ur friend, is he or she??
    if she, take this opportunities to form a relation for the future, teach to learn a new language.
    if he, fcuk it…..let it be.

  18. If you had the time yea but the Law of Devil is laready only a chapter every 3-4 days i would hate it if it become more than a week when i would love for a chapter a day of Law of the devil so NO! sorry its just this project takes proirity than stellar plus i bet Ren will pick it up since hes about to finish Coiling dragon.

  19. Please do not take it up until you have cleared it with the current translation group first, as much as I enjoy speedy releases i detest translation poaching. If you contact them and they are wiling to
    1) accept help translating
    2) hand over the translation of the project to you.
    then feel free to translate either alongside or in place of them, else leave it alone as this story in particular has caused a lot of people to quit translating once they got poached

  20. Stick with law of the devil pal. One novel translation is enough for anyone. After completing Law of the devil then pick another. Stellar Transformations has had a series of translators who drop midway. So has law of the devil. Just stick one through to the end. That’s all us leechers want. If I were you I would seek merging with wuxiaworld. They have a big team over there of many translators. That way you could get help and advice in the future.

  21. As I see it you should focus on LOTD and if you want you can just help with chapter from here and there just like RWX he is focused on Coiling Dragon and sometimes help with other books like Desolate Era or Against the Gods

  22. Definitely not. Its already being translated. The translator even announced that he has some rl stuff for about two weeks. Your friend needs some patience

  23. Let yourself be stretched too thin and no one is happy – including you. You’ll have to decide if you can do both. But if you can’t – then translate for your friend or for your readers.

    My vote is for LOTD

  24. I would also prefer to see you focus on only one novel, and while ST is fairly slow in the translation, it has a translator, while LOTD does not apart from you.

    Of course, given that you do the translations on your own free time, the final decision is up to you, but I guess that a lot of people reading your translation agree with me in that we really want to read LOTD anyway, and it’s much better to have 1 completed novel than 2-3 stalled at half point.

  25. if just iiiifffff you feel like looking at other things to translate besides this i’d have to throw my vote at Xian NI since sadly void is now done with that 🙁 however with that said i am like the majority here in preferring the nice consistency and rate at which these come out. just my 2 cents ^_^

    • Thanks for the idea but unless i can manage to translate a chapter of law of the devil within 4 hours, then it’s just not practical to take on anymore load. Atm, it takes me around 6 to 7 hours to get through 1 chapter….

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