WOW everyone is so supportive.

Tomasz Gladeckl has just sponsored another chapter but since i’m working later today, I’ll have to work on the chapter later tonight. I’ll try to do a double release probably on Monday or Tuesday.

Oh man, sexy medusa!!!! you guys will love the next chapter, Harem !!!!!!

I nearly choke on my coffee.

Sorry everyone, but I refuse to release this chapter in its current state. It’s just too good to not make it perfect.

Update:Tomasz Gladeckl has just sponsored a second chapter for this week!!!

So what does this mean? I need to call in a favor from my friend and get some help to keep up with this weeks release.


  1. you posted chapter 83, but not 84 and 85 on thread, ik im annoying about this but i want more ppl to support your translation, you gotta shove it in their face till the try it and get addicted

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