1. Wow, that was rather unexpected, but if this follows it’s source… just have to wait and see i guess.

    Thanx for the chapter

  2. Well i really hate story tale narrated this way rewind time go back change perspective this make us hard to follow i hope there is not much more chapters like this one.

      • but there is somу (plenty of) wuxia and xianxia, that aren’t so long winded even when translated. Maybe TLRs make it sound bit more comfortable for english speakers to read? anyways, it’s only TLOTD that seems so long-winded.

  3. He took some plot from Harry Potter, LOTR, King Arthur and maybe many more which i did not notice.
    if he follows some of those plot will Gandolf revive?

  4. Can’t wait for the next chapter! I wonder when he will go back to the island to get another power. Maybe the dragon heart this time since he will need power now.

  5. Awesome, I love getting kept in the loop by translators. Read a few different pieces and you never get a heads up on when expecting next chapter or how long between releases. Good man 👍 Also anyone got any suggestions on other works? So far reading this and Battle Continent 1 & 2.

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