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This should have been done this morning, but my wifi router is acting up and I had no internet till tonight.

I’m thinking of buying a better router, any suggestions?

My room is extremely far from the wifi router, so try to recommend me only the most powerful with the longest stable wifi range.

Thank you!!!


  1. If router Asus ones would be better, but those are pricey, or else you could try WiFi AP/Extender from TP Links those are cheap.

  2. It depends on how far you are from the router and what is between u and the router a new router may not do anything. Would need more info on placement of router also

  3. Since its in the middle of the house and your far away and reciVing bad reception and want WiFi in your room I’m assuming than I would get a WiFi PowerLine extender.

      • Oh well another option is you can buy directional WiFi Antena for your router and computer and point them at each other

  4. Also combo modem routers are garbage they also now can share WiFi with other Comcast subscribers with Comcast retarded free WiFi hot spot crap

  5. As long as the wiring goes thru the same circuit breaker the PowerLine adapter will work fine but there are direction to set it up if your home goes thru 3 phases or more

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