To make this short, i’ll be starting a side project for Law of the devil.

Many of you know that this novel had been thrown around by quite a few translators in the past, so the consistency of the translation changed over time.

To fix this, i’ll be re-editing the previous chapters to make everything uniform and correct some long old mistakes.

This will be a long term project and i honestly have no idea when i’ll be finish, but since its a new year, it’s time for some changes to take place if this novel is to proceed.

So here’s the plan.

I’ll keep to the current schedule and only work on this side project if i manage to free up some time in the week.



  1. I think we will all just be happy as long as the chapters keep rolling out lols, though might be good to read again from start to finish

  2. I have also been wondering does this Light Novel have any illustrations, like some light novels have illustrations to see the characters just curious if this light novel has any of those

  3. Hey there.

    I’m currently Studying Communications and English Linguistics and Literature, If you’d like, I can help you out in my free time with the editing.

    Just send me an email if you’re interested.

    • Oh, and thank you so much for putting in the work you are. I know it isn’t always easy to work on a project like this whilst working and having other things to do.

  4. Honestly speaking here.
    take that time and translate MORE CHAPTERS
    MORE CHAPTERS (echo)
    MORE CHPTERS (echo)
    MOR CHPTRS (echo)

  5. I know might be possible, but a pdf version would nice to have. I love to keep novels i like, this one not an exception >_< i really love it. And thanks your great effort.^^

    • I might not exactly have the illustrations, but if Bcat lets me help out with the editing, I’ll of course be compiling a PDF or two.

  6. Thanks for your work.

    I don’t know if you have already knew but there is a application called yWriter with objective is to help writers to get their projects organized and maybe can help you too.

    yWriter is based around the novel structure: Each project is divided into chapters, and each chapter into scenes. Tabs specify characters, locations, items, pictures and other notes for quick, cross-indexed reference to story assets and other information. It is primarily aimed at producing novels and screenplays, but the format is flexible enough to track virtually any kind of creative endeavor, although it lacks the customizability and flexibility of Scrivener.

    yWriter5 is free to download and use, but you’re encouraged to register your copy if you find it useful.

    • I’ve tried yWriter before, but it didn’t do it for me. It very much depends on the kind of writer you are, and what creation style you prefer. But I won’t argue that to the right person, it would make the job a lot easier.

  7. If Law of the devil licence and not available online😭 I’m gonna cry.
    -decide in future to write the name of company that licence Law of Devil on a piece of paper and hit it with slipper many times-

    • Then you’d best pray to whichever god you believe in (if any) that Yen Press doesn’t notice LOTD as being unlicensed. Another company might still be okay – they would be faster, and likely have a better translation than what Yen Press would – but Yen Press is the devil itself for people already reading fantranslations, and for fantranslators as well.

      • O.O Wow..Yen Presss soo popular of being unpopular? I am new to web novel so I hv no idea abt the company.
        I wonder how many people has put Yen Press name on curse doll and smacked it with slipper.
        -still refreshing home page now and then. Eager to know who wants to kill Du-Wei and what happen to Vivian, disciple of Gandalf.-

        • Yen Press take up to an including 6 months per volume release, and they aren’t known for producing high quality translations. On top of that, they licence light novels with strong English fanbases, and already advanced translations, and immediately issue DMCA notices which kill the fan translations, even though it would take them years to catch up to the fantranslations.

          The most recent examples are Overlord and Log Horizon, which they killed with the fan translations at issue 9 for Overlord. It would take them between 4 and 5 years to catch up to the fan translation based on their standard release schedule…

          So yeah, they’re hated in the fantranslation reader community, and for not very bad reasons.

          • Even though i don’t know Overlord and Log Horizon, hearing you out, i feel like smacking them. They should have concentrated on one novel and do a regular time release so the fan wouldnt get tired and dropped it. It’s like they are so greedy and selfish. Too ambitious…

  8. By the way, good idea on correcting and getting the info in the story in sync. Thank you for taking your time to do it.💜💜💜

  9. That’s a heroic goal, and I approve, both of the ambitious but useful goal, and also prioritising new releases over important, but less exiting, editorial work, thanks

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