1. Thank you for translating. 😁 I hv been refreshing the page for some time today. Yes, I am that addicted. It took me 4 days to read all the chapters after I saw the Emo Faze manga at mangafox.

    • FableCat I am like that too, First found it in mangafox then come here and after that refresh page manytime per day and ofcoz i already subscribe but still refresh page TT

      • Then…did you notice the translator of that manga said we have to read the novel to understand the story. It made curious enough to find the translated novel instead of ignoring it.😍

  2. I am exactly the same! XD I also did subscribe but I want to read it so badly that I can’t help but refresh this site over and over and over again. 😀 And of course I check my mails every hour xD

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