1. hands down, worst chapter, Built up so much suspense only to be given a massive info dump where the only real info was that there is a tower that has a protective spell…. literally did not need statistics of how many soldiers each city had

  2. Well this is half a chapter, they had action in the first half so you got hit with all the info for the second half… however its only a matter of time before the Dark Overlord returns to his castle…

    For some reason when I think of DuWei I imagine a snot nosed little red haired brat with a small horn on his forehead like FLCL and I am still laughing from the moment he mentioned the McDonald’s flag… could you imagine in the real world a fleet of ships with that M logo… but at least this time Gandalf really dies and for some reason I was really expecting him to say to that Dragon

    “You shall not pass…” though to be honest I think he said that without words when he unveiled his secret technique which I will leave for now since some new people here still have to read up on that. Do not skip the epic battle it is actually pretty epic…

  3. I disagree about the information on the soldiers yazhmd, how many times had he said he doesn’t want to start a revolution and how many times had he done something someone who was plotting a revolution would do, his owne navel fleet, soldiers and mages he can trust and has in his service, and most importantly he has set up a system for an information network.

  4. -start refreshing-
    Don’t see subscribe button. Even though subscribe, i am the type of person who open my email two to four times in a year.
    😍Love Law Of Devil.
    What other interesting light novel can you guys recommend?

    • if only there was another interesting light novel right now

      where else you find a 13 year old little kid like DuWei

      i would so love an anime of this, as long as they do not turn it into a romantic comedy or echi drama or wait… they would have to rename all the franchises so rather not, but still Law of the Devil is the best though some people might get worried about the title haha

  5. Thank you on suggestions. Ara-ara and Monster. Will go and have a look. Ummm.. need more info to find Monster though.
    I am waiting for updates Tales of demons and gods novel too. Maybe DuweiSupporter might want to try reading it 😂.
    Only these two good novel translations that able to make me anxious of updates.

    • can’t believe I forgot I think the light novel is complete but Mushoku Tensei might be a good read too, you could also read the manga some of the visuals are fun though manga skips out on a few details reading the manga is just nice for the visuals but read the light novel to get the full story

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