1. Now I feel sad knowing I spent 100 dollars on flowers when I could have gotten 2 and a half chapters should have opted for chapters would have been way better deal in the end will donate again in the near future keep up the good work

  2. Acts like a father, but when son leaves the shade is real. He was angry from the guard because the son wouldnt talk to him about important shit, most likely the father that ordered him dead to get rid of a head ache

  3. This chapter shows that the Earl political standing isn’t as stable we thought he is. The robe given by Magic Assoc seem to have political motive, which already Clark indicated before the Assoc and Temple has frosty relationship at the moment, and furthermore if the Dragon King is right, after Gandalf the strongest would be the Pope even current Assoc Prez is below the Pope.

    • I think there might be someone that are stronger than pope but just didn’t get mentioned. At that time, Gandalf talk about magic assoc head and pope so the dragon king only talk about the two that got mentioned. There should be some hidden power like the guy that will teach Du Wei magic. The pope seems to get power boosts if he stay in the cathedral though.

  4. Indeed , so the father wanted to get rid of him because the magic union gifted him that robe to show that the next heir of the family is on the side of the magic union and not the temple , from such big pressure he wanted to kill him to ease the tension between those 2 i guess … Thanks for the ch ,!

  5. We should definitely revisit the earlier chapters at some point and do some thorough editing. I would offer to do that, but at the moment I’m already busy with several projects, and studying, etc. So at least for the time being I won’t be able to do that.

  6. So his father knows about the assasination attempt with the army’s crossbows but doesn’t mention it. Seems like it wasn’t his father that orderd it but someone else with a high standing (temple/wiz assoc?)

  7. His father is innocent and is super annoyed at the guard for pointing out the crossbows because now his son will never trust him. He can’t be honest with his son because it’s such a minefield in the capital. He already thinks he is dead and hopes for the best for his son.

    • At least that’s how I see it. His son will “not understand” couldn’t mean he tried to kill his son surely. Looks like Du Wei has entered the lion’s den.

  8. HELLO!! Id like to thank you guys for doing a superb job with the translations. If it is at all possible can i do the character list or assist with the list? I have a peculiar knack for memorizing characters and their information.

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