Law of the devil Chapter 121 is out!!!

Law of the devil Chapter 121 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

You guys will just have to make due with this short chapter for now.

I got into a accident at work and stepped on a nail. So my feet is out of commission and in some serious pain.  >o<



  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear that! Make sure to get plenty of rest and thanks so much for the chapter. This light novel seems to brighten up my day and I really do appreciate your hard work!

  2. Omg…. i pray you will be recover soon. 😱
    Thank you for releasing the new chapter even though you are in pain.😍

  3. I will be honest the first thing I did was read the chapter… then I read about the nail…

    Then I imagined Du Wei making an epic entrance and stepping on a nail…

    Though I do hope you get well soon, 20% cause I care as a human being 80% cause I want to read the next chapter…

    Rather be 100% honest then living only 1% truth hidden within the depths of lies… anyways get well soon and hope you get some well deserved vacation time…

    • 😂 I hate to admit it but I am the same. Sorry Bcat…
      “Though i do hope you get well soon, 20% is …….80% because i want to read the next chapter.”
      DuWeiSupporter’s word just hit the nail.

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