1. disturbing for the ladies? :O now i’m really curious about :O thanks for all the chapters till now, i’m really enjoying this novel 🙂

  2. Really grateful for the work you’re doing and I think you’re a brilliant translator but I gotta say: Please don’t do that arrogant thing you sometimes do where you think you have the right to censor or consider censoring things based upon what you think is appropriate. It’s really not for you to decide, I recall you mentioning wanting to censor things before and such and it really bothered me to think that there is other things you might have changed without the reader knowing. It’s not your work at the end of the day.

    Like I said though, super grateful and really appreciative of what you’re doing and I think you’re awesome, just y’know, keep the authors vision in-tact, as is a translators duty.

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