Law of the devil chapter 138 is out!!!!

Law of the devil chapter 138 is out!!!! CLICK HERE TO READ 

Update: I’ll be posting a couple of the older chapters i manage to get through later on tonight. I didn’t expect just formatting the word fronts of all the chapters to eat up my entire day…..


So i posted the edited version of chapter 69 tonight. I’ll post some more tomorrow because i’m really sleep right now.

Chapter 68 is up for anyone that needs it.

Also 65 is up too.

So i have linked prologue up to chapter 23 without editing on the chapter list.

So what is left to upload is 24 up to 64. I’ll try to get those up as soon as i can, but some of these chapters requires some hefty editing.


  1. T.T hurhurhur. Why did the chapters hv to disappear during the climax of the battle. Oh well…it is still one of my favorite novel.

    You are really awesome Bcat00 for recovering and reediting the lost chapters. It must be tiring and a headache process but please take care of your health and don’t lost sleep over it.

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