1. I use a 30 gig as a cache does a out the same thing as a boot drive ssd but loads all my programs I use often fast to. Its more noticible in games. Especially ones that have long loading times or ones with lots of loading screens like the new fall out game.

    • Yep thats main reason i bought one but the extra work that comes with installing stuff in the future is such a pain. I read that this issue can be solved by messing with the system code but thas beyond what im comfortable with.

  2. Don’t forget to keep at least 25 % of the ssd free and to never defeat an ssd card. Also you can make a seperate partion part of the ssd and use that ssd as a cache or make another portion as a pagefile. I use Intel smart response

  3. Don’t ever defrag ssd drives unless you don’t care about their limited read and write. It’s not the same as a magnetic disk where the data is faster to access when written sequentially. 90% fragmentation on ssd only causes about 10% decrease in read speeds. Best to have one ssd dedicated to OS and one dedicated to apps and games. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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