Law of the devil chapter 174 part 2 is out!!!!

Law of the devil chapter 174 part 2 is out!!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Sponsored by: Christian Escutia / Annie Zhao


Update: I wanted to let you guys know this ahead of time, but i intend to move the site to a proper server in the coming weeks.

The reason i’m doing this is because i find wordpress is a little too rigid for my taste because i couldn’t really play with the layout and etc.

If you got any suggestions for the type of sites to use, please let me know in the comment because i still haven’t chosen what platform to use yet.


    • thing is with wordpress, even if i buy a domain name, i still can’t do anything different like adding ads and etc. I would need to import all the content to (different from what i’m using now) and find my own server anyways.

      After doing some reading, i figured i might as well look for a platform that offers a server and allows me to play with the layout and a way to learn some coding.

      • Well you kinda van already with wp. Its Just that you need acces to your sourcecode which wp build terribly bad. If you van give some more specific requirements, then I moght be able to help you.

      • No idea but please remember to have it support mobile phones like wordpress does. Or better ofc xD

        Thx for your hard work!

  1. try ehost, i use it for work all the time, they have system were you can drag and post, its really easy to use,

  2. BCAT00: I may be able to help with that, but before saying any more I’d need some info regarding this site’s bandwidth usage and connections rate (a daily 5minutes average graphic would do).

    • i’m not quite sure what you mean, but i’ll just state the stats i see in the wordpress site.

      Each day i get around 5k visitor with 20k views. pretty much all the info i have at hand regarding bandwidth.

      Sorry for my cluelessness, not very fluent when it comes to running a site as you can see.

      • He wants to know how much traffic runs through the site in data, so that he can give advice for a server. Specificly how strong your connection needs to be at any given time. Amount of visitors is useless since we don’t know how “heavy” the site is.

        • hmmm, that i’m not sure because only shows me numbers in view and visitors. Pretty much all the data they are willing to let me see.
          But i did find something neat though, the highest amount of visitors i had in 1 hour was 300.

          • are you able to put Google analytics on the site? If so you will get alot more and better Information and would be worth to collect a couple of weeks of data.

            • i can’t, main reason i’m changing platform and server. wordpress is nice and its free, but if i want to do anything beyond the most basic stuff, wordpress makes you pay quite a bit.

              • WordPress is completely free though, atleast the “on premise” version is. Real Point is going to be how much you want to spend on the Server.

  3. How about wattpad that site is meant to a whole lot easier to use and organises ur books and chapters really well i know a author who just moved all her work onto there from livejournal

  4. Please make sure to let us know what the new website address will be because I’m addicted to this book. ^^

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