1. if u want i can set up website for you, i not going to charge u anything for setting up but the domain you have to pay your self, its usually 2.99 month
    if u want just reply
    and that not my real email so don’t reply that

    • it’s not really the setting up part thats stumping me, but the extra things i want to put in like auto update on donations and progress bar and etc.

        • soonchan is right, that part of the deigning the websites, only reason i am offering my services for free is because i love readying this novel, and i be happy if there more updates in future, i usually charge companies $500 to set it regular websites, but i can do your for fee no charge, only thing is I am not be responsible for the paying for the domain or creating extra protection, if you want extra things then you have to deal with the company and set up your own cost, I am only offering to set up website for you.
          If you don’t want help from me, its totally fine, but this some recommendations: If you don’t know how to program then look for websites that offer drag and drop, that really good for people who don’t know how to operate with WordPress, always get buy long term contracts with your domain, because it cost less usually $100 for 3 years, but you can cover that cost by adding ad on your website but you have to watch out what ad can be on your website because some ad bring virus with them. Never do payments on the website because it cost more to protected it, make paypal donation clicker on website it direct you to paypal- allot of people willing to donate thou paypal because it safe and you not be responsible if they get hacked or they overpay you, they can cancel the transition but there downside for paypal, person who is donated can cancel the translations and paypal get money from your account and give it back to them, so you have to wait at list month or two before use money on paypal because you don’t want have negative paypal account

          • ya i got a lot to learn still when it comes to coding. I got the easy stuff down but when it comes to things a bit more complicated, youtube can only help so much.

            I really appreciate the offer to help, but i just don’t feel like i deserve a new site if i can’t set it up myself since this is after all something i started. Maybe it’s me being stubborn, but that’s just how i was raised.

            If you want something, you need to work for it, that’s how its always been for me.

            • You do realize that for WordPress there are certain special plugins for all these things that you want, right?
              And I’m not sure what kind of MC you are, but if you want a certain premium plugin, you could just search up a null version.

              Du Wei would have taken the opportunity.

              • ya i know, but plugins can only be used by those that upgraded their accounts to premium. Since i need to upgrade anyways, i thought i might as well try moving to a more friendly user platform that will let me play around with the site some more, but who would have thought it be so much work.

              • Forget about Du Wei because he’s on a path to follow the devil’s philosophy.
                Today, most things related to the devil is EVIL in this world we live in.

                Bcatt00 is the kind of MC that builds a path for us to follow to the promise land.
                He’s on the path of enlightening, entertaining, and translating for others to follow.
                So, unless there is a gun pointing to his head, I doubt Bcat00 would take the NULL Scripts route.
                The only thing we can do to help you is donate small bits of money.
                And high leveled script coders are expensive these days…

  2. You should look into Azure or Amazon cloud hosting with some site engine – there is a lot to choose from. Or you could rent a VPS and install everything yourself if you’re up to it, but that’s generally more work and not worth with your numbers.

  3. And what about joomla! If you want I can send you a nice tutorial and it has lots of plugins, templates, support, etc. I’m not too familiar with these subject but maybe this works for you.

    Best wishes!

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