Law of the devil chapter 191 is out!!!

Law of the devil chapter 191 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

I’m back everyone!!! Camping was so fun even though i became a puff ball from the mosquito’s. Strangely enough though, even in the woods, i was able to get reception for pokemon GO…. Got myself a gyrados WAHAHAHHA!!!!!


  1. Well i’m going too end myself now….. Knowing you just got at gyarados and i can’t even get 10 magikarps in the 7 days i’ve been playing XD

  2. …3 days ago i bought a new iphone 4s (i know, a bit outdated) just for Pokemon Go. Today i woke up, it had shut down and didn’t restart. It was broken… :'(

    • bring it to a iphone fixing place. Prob cost you a little but better then getting a new phone from apple. My friend brought his to chinatown once to fix and they charged him 70 dollar to change his screen because he cracked it.

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