1. aw…..at least you know now that your bad luck has gone down like some percent. It is my belief that a person has 50% good luck and 50% bad luck. when one experience a bad turn of event, it is likely that one will receive a good luck afterward. Although it could be a bad luck still. well….50% is still better chance.

    Still, keep up the awesome, supremely splendidly translation work. I mean you’re pretty damn awesome to be able to translate this much work, I wish I have like half your ability. Have you thought about working as translator for a corporation or company? It’s a pretty good paying field and you almost never get lay off.

    Im working as a translator for my shipping company, cool AC room, free foods (snack mostly) but still free ya know.
    and a 20$ an hour pay. And all I gotta do is to sit at a computer and do translation work and other stuff.

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