Law of the devil chapter 234 is out!!!

Law of the devil chapter 234 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Enjoy guys.

In a few days, i’ll officially have two months off from work.

With the extra time, i was thinking of taking up a teaser project, meaning i’ll translate another novel on the side for fun.


Here’s the two options:


a new wuxia like novel that is about a girl that gets vengeance against those that did her wrong. The chapters are really short and tend to be right to the point and very easy to translate. It’s also one of those novels that the character gets majorly powerful. I usually don’t dig these type of novels but there’s something about this one that reminded me of a fairytale like story. Here’s a link to the raw


the sequal to Law of the devil. I only just started reading it and i gotta say it’s turning out to be very good. The story develops much faster than the first novel and he already laid one of the girls in the beginning. Talking about fast paced much. Here’s the link to the raw


Let me know which one you guys like in the comment because i kinda forgot how to do a poll. 🙂


  1. I think I’ll go against the grain and say, the first one, the revenge story. It’s not that I don’t want the see the sequel to Law of the Devil, but I want to see all of Law of the Devil FIRST before I read the sequel, otherwise it could get awkward.

    Besides, the revenge story is as he said, short chapters and straight to the point. To me that translates as “I’ll not slack off of Law of the Devil while still translating this new one”. Besides, I’d love to see if a Chinese novel with a female lead can do so without making her dependent on some male to protect her from threats she can’t face yet… Especially when she could be interesting otherwise if she had to face adversity.

  2. I’d prefer you just finish Lod instead of picking up a new novel as it will just get hectic for you until one will be neglected and eventually dropped.

    But if you still want to do a second novel then the sequel of Lod would be good

  3. Currently there is wave of op female mc novels but they tend to be longer and usually have same pattern so I prefer LOTD sequel because author is genius and I have yet to read any repetitve from him.

  4. How about just doing one thing at a time and finishing LOTD, just concerned that you get so busy with your work that you don’t end up delivering on both novels, and everyone will just get frustrated.

    If you have time to do two novels, then best to do two chapters at a time of LOTD ;o)

  5. Sequel pls, revenge stories usually go sour at the middle like MC already performed a revenge and he/she gets careless and end up losing more since he/she did not root out the problem.

    • It’s like, you don’t even have enough time to do LotD as consistently as you’d like, how are you gonna find the time and motivation to split your attention? The only thing I can think of is that this translation gets less time, and that would really suck.

        • I am worried about that too. I always open this page 10-15 times only to be disappointed.
          So, pls stick to one novel but you can do more chapters.

  6. Revenge story, LoD sequel when LoD is finished.

    Riku isn’t being updated and I like a good revenge story to tide me over.

  7. How is the sequel with spoilers? LOD is one of those precious things where I can never predict what the protagonist is going to do and no matter what I bet on, what actually happens is cooler! So I really wanna avoid spoilers.

    But if the sequel don’t have many important spoilers, I vote on it!

  8. I’d prefer more LOD, but if you need or want to do another project… If the sequel really is a standalone and no spoilers I’d prefer that, I may no read the other one if you choose it but is ok.

  9. Are you serious dude , you barely update this series now you want to start another , im not gona say that it doesn’t make sense to do that because you know it doesn’t , but the few people that you have reading this series is loyal to you, is because we want you to stick with this series even if we get so few chapters but we still waiting on you and support you …. this makes absolutely no sense and you will lose the few people that you get if you start another novel from 0 , u know that right?

    However if you still want to do it either way than i’d pick the sequel , however you will be making a bet which will end up with even less people reading on this site or maybe more after about 50+ chs , thats usually when people start checking out something new to find if its good or not . GL

    • I know you probably don’t mean any harm or insult, but do you have to call us “few people”? Lol, I feel like this is a big community, with main commentators and secret lovers, with a common interest of this story. ‘Few people’ feels like you aren’t giving everyone enough credit for being a part of this. I really love reading here.

  10. Please do the the sequel.. I’m exited for new mc but please keep LOD faster release. thnks you very much for your hard work

  11. I would prefer for you to focus on this translation so there will be a faster release, but if you are translating another one than i would prefer you to translate the SEQUEL OF LOTD. THANKS anyway for every chapter😁😁

  12. umm, can you please finish LOD first then start a new, better do double release than start a new, because here i’m waiting anxiously for new chapter everyday, and your update is not that fast especially when you have work to do.
    i’m sorry if I’m to impolite but I really want to read more of this amazing series!!!
    sorry for my bad english

  13. I would rather have you up the pace for LOD. I don’t really plan on picking up any new novel until at least one of the current ones I’m reading finishes and that seems to be ways away.

  14. If it has to be between those two the sequel but if you could maybe just continue with this lod novel before doing the sequel that be great also vengeance novels usually just become like a screaming match from dragon ball until they get stronger enough to defeat who ever it is they are fighting

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