• what are you talking about, he never conforms to schedule, its a miracle if he can do 3 with 1 sponser chapter, usually he does 2 chapters a week if lucky, maybe 1. the sponser que hasnt been cleared for about 3-4 months and no one has been donating

  1. Fuck ya’ll who give up. Law of the Devil is too damned good to give up on yet! I’ll give it at least 2 months before giving up.

  2. What happened……
    There is no sign of new chapters.
    Please Bcat tell is that you are well and that we’ll see the new chapters soon….
    I’ll wait until the end …….

    You can’t get rid of me that easily.

  3. Whomever is “dropping it” after just 2 week obviously wasn’t that invested int he story :/ Patience is a virtue, hope all is well bcat!

    • its an accumulation of never being on schedule, never finishing the que, and never notifying people. its annoying i get it

      • since i have been reading it hit 0 in queue 5 times. Even so he needs 6 hours to translate a single chapter. Also when the queue hits 0 again there wil be a sponser chapter by me.

        • where did you get 6 hours from, you do know that the average is around 2 hours for most translators. and 5 times, hes been translating for a long ass time, it has to be at least 8 months or closing in on a year, thats not great

          • Now you would have know if one you read the messages he said as or two read the about page.

            Quote from the about page: “Speed of translating a chapter takes me around 6 -7 hours depending on how long the original text is.”

    • he does owe the que….sooooooooo, plus support in just coming here causes traffic, and then upvotes and people talking about it also causes traffic which then equals more people donating soooooo….. you obviously dont know marketing soooooo, you stfu

  4. What if he’s dead and his family didn’t know he was bcat so that’s why they haven’t come to this page and let us know

  5. Thanks for the releases Bcat. Hope everything is good. Just wanted to say I really appreciate all the time in effort you’ve put into translating.

  6. I think this might be serious because he normally would write a announcement or notice in cases when he had no time. Has someone already tried to message him on his e-mail(BcatQQ@gmail.com) ?

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