I’m back!! And china is so so cold

Anyways, just letting you guys know i just got off the plane because i just got a mail from a reader over my whereabouts.

Long story short, my family pulled a shotgun vacation trip after selling one of our investment homes as i mentioned a while ago.

Spent around 2 weeks in our hometown and a week on a tourst trip in the city- first time for me back there in that region – i gotta say, it’s worse then the you can possibly imagine.

It was like a ocean of people during the new year and it doesn’t stop. It just went on and on and on with the firecrackers and worst of all, the internet there blocked pretty much every western site i go to, including wordpress.

Ugghhhh, but then my phone gmail works for some off reason, who would have thought eh? Loophole alert in that great firewall of china!!!

Now then, if there’s no traffic on the highway, i should be home in another 3 hours or so.

Oh did i mention the air there is horrible? i almost couldn’t breath while on the streets and for the love of god, i never even saw the sun “once” there, like for real, not even once, it was always covered in fog.

k enough of my rant, expect some nice releases tonight, i’m irking to get back to my sweet sweet oh sweet computer.



  1. Welcome back, glad you’re well. Everyone, patience is a virtue. Be thankful bcat even decided to translate this series!

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