Law of the devil chapter 270 is out!!!

Law of the devil chapter 270 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

Enjoy guys

I like to make a wonderful announcement, both for me and for everyone.

First off, let me introduce Kevin.

He’s a long time friend that i met in college and current poker buddy on the weekend. From now on, he will be doing the postings for the releases in my place, meaning I won’t have to deal with any of wordpresses issues that i had. I’ll be around checking comments and updating donations and stuff while Kevin maintains the site in my place.

Kevin doesn’t read my translation nor does he read any chinese novel for that matter, he’s doing this because he owes me alot from poker, like alot. As payment, he’s stuck with this gig for the next year.

As for my original plan of moving to bloggers, I’m scapping it for now because this makes more sense for everyone and me. If anything i can always move over quickly thanks in part to a fella reader for formatting wordpress’s XML file to Bloggers. Thank you Daniel, i really appreciated the help because the only thing left to do on blogger was to link the chapters on the index thanks to you.

Anyways, expect another release tonight.



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