Law of the devil chapter 275 part 1 is out!!!

Law of the devil chapter 275 part 1 is out!!! CLICK HERE TO READ

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To all my fellow readers, I’m sorry but I got some bad news.

Starting this Tuesday, meaning in 2 days, I will be heading out to the middle of nowhere for work.

Some of you may know that my family flips houses as the main source of our income. This time around, for god knows why, my dad and brother in law picked a cottage in a really rural area. The closest town is a 45 minute drive and I honestly don’t know if any internet service provider can reach the cottage. What i do know is that there’s a satellite dish on the roof so cross some fingers and hope to die, please let there be some kind of satellite internet, or even dial up for that matter.

If i’m unlucky and can’t get internet hooked up at the cottage, i’ll have no internet for 3 months straight while we renovate the house.

What this means is that i’ll be on hiatus if that does happen. I’ll let you guys/girl know in the following week while i survey that area this coming week.

Omg, i’m dreading this project so much right now….. No internet, no cable, no nothing……


  1. Three months without updates is not too bad, I feel like not having internet at home is much worse so good luck to you, choose books to take with you wisely 🙂

  2. So basicly in your freetime you can translate and then send usb(s) containing translations to kevin? 😀

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