Wonderful News

As you all may have noticed in the past 2 weeks or so, releases have been off compared to before.

To give everyone a brief summary, my grandma was in the hospital. I honestly thought she wouldn’t make it this time because of prior conditions with her liver. However, thankfully its just a inflammation according to the doctor this morning and we can finally bring her home.

On a side note, regarding Law of the Devil.

Here’s the thing, there’s no way I can afford enough time to bring the project back like before, even if it was only 2/3 chapters a week.

So here’s my options for you readers:

Option 1)

do mostly summaries for unimportant chapters I feel can be skipped and translate the juicy parts?

Option 2)

Just do summaries completely and give you guys a rundown of why this novel was so popular in China. This will likely be the fastest and give closure to those who liked this novel like so many others did.


  1. If I have to choose.. and I do… I’d say option one would be the most pleasing of the two. That said, I’m a selfish bitch but I understand. Iwish much health for your Grandmother.

  2. That sounded similar to what happened to me. My maternal grandmother died in liver cancer 2-3 years ago. There was once she almost died but she survived that time only to die a few months later. It was a rare cancer type with no cure. She hadn’t even tried one cigarette in her whole life so that was definitely not a cause.

    Good thing you grandmother only had an inflammation.

    • Ya, a extra day is still a extra day. Anymore time for my grandma is a bonus because her liver condition is already set in stone.
      Just a matter of time now according to the specialists

  3. I didn’t follow Law of the Devil. So do what you want.
    And take care of your grandparents, they can disappear in the blink of an eye. Most of mine died before I can truly know them.

  4. I would rather you take it slow and only do one update a month. What you think is unimportant might be juicy to someone else

  5. Im fine with a 1/3 of a chapter a week. lotd was good, but I understand not wanting to translate it due to lengthiness and difficulty. I’m fine with whatever.

  6. I’m glad to hear your grandma was able to go home and you are able to spend more time with her. It’s always good to be surrounded by loving family.
    Ps try to make some more awesome memories, maybe lean some simple magic tricks. My grandma enjoyed those and grandmas smiles always warm the heart.

    Law of the devil: I feel like fans would prefer option 1

  7. I’ll be honest … I thought the novel was dead. So any option is good, and I would really appreciate it.
    And about your grandmother …
    My grandfather died two years ago, and although the wound healed, sometimes I remember him and I miss him a lot …. And I wish I had spent much more time with him …. In my opinion you should take a break from translating and spend time with your grandmother.
    Especially now that she managed to have a few more days ….
    But they are only my words. Words from someone you do not know, so it’s your decision

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