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I’ve changed server and it seems some of the users here didn’t get migrated to that subscription network.

That’s the new site address, please update to it if you haven’t. This old site will only be used as a backup site if everything fails on that one


  1. I honestly don’t know why u abandoned Law of The Devil for these other 2 LNs but it’s ur choice it’s just that I recently tried to convince a translator who was looking for a new LN 2 translate but he decided to translate a terrible Japanese isekai LN instead. I’m so frustrated rn when good LN get left untouched for LN with indecisive, weak willed, good “moralist ” having “heroes”, who r terrified of pussy & want to convert their enemy rather than obliterate them instead. Sorry just needed to vent.

    • Well you gotta understand, quality and difficulty usually comes hand in hand.

      I’m at the age where i got to spend most of my time working so coming home and doing a hard novel afterwards isn’t very relaxing.

      • I guess that means it’s harder to translate this novel than the other 2? I guess that’s just my bad luck then.
        Can I ask u for a spoiler then? Will Medusa betray the MC?

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