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Overturning the Heavens is 20$ per extra chapter

For those that’s unable to donate and wish to help, you can disable adblock on this site. The ad revenue will be added to my snack and coffee fund.

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  1. Hi.. Please host it on wuxiaworld as they have more visitors u will get more donations very soon.I love the novel and waiting is killing me…also having all my fav novels at same spot beats anything… Please consider..thank you.

  2. any other way I can send you money? I try PayPal but it ask me for my SSN which i gave.It then ask me for more documents and they must be new, but i got no time to go get them and more importanly no motivation…. yep i’m lazy so is there an other way??

    • i think its because this novel is written in a format that’s much more difficult to translate than some of the other ones out there.
      for example: i can easily pump out 2 chapters a day for something like ‘tales of demon god’ because the way each sentence is written in the raw is separated and the words used are usually not so confusing.

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