Overturning the Heavens chapter 54

Chapter 54 “Face Slapping (3)”

“So what if it’s a sky class demon bird. Father, aren’t you also the same, a sky class martialist? Why can’t you subdue it?”

Bai Zhi bites her lip, unable to divert her gaze away from the beautiful phoenix. If she could control it, the whole city would become envious of her.

“Zhi, stop your fussing!” Contrary to his usual indulgent attitude, Bai Zheng Xiang was rather stern this time around. Going dark in the face, “That’s a demon bird, not something you can control so don’t irritate it.”

Sad inside, Bai Zhi didn’t want to accept this reality but couldn’t do anything to remedy the situation.

Ignoring the crowd, the Searing Flame Phoenix makes a low bird call and then slowly walked towards Bai Yan with elegance and pride.

This naturally caught the attention of everyone. Their gaze firmly pinned to the flaming red figure and the woman that’s waiting.

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“Grandfather.” Giving the phoenix only one glance, Bai Yan shifts her attention back to the old grandpa: “Do you like this gift I prepared for you?”

Silence hanged over the banquet hall. If a needle were to drop to the floor right now, it would definitely be heard.

Hesitant in his voice, Old Lord Lan looks to the girl: “The gift is…”

It can’t be this Searing Flame Phoenix?


No way!

For a minute there, everyone here was coming up with this idea. However, it was firmly pushed back down.

Who’s Bai Yan?

A useless woman who got pregnant and eloped with a man! With her ability, how can she subdue a sky class Demon Beast?

Under the signaling look of Bai Yan, the bird begins to lower its proud head and prostrated itself before the old lord.

This was the custom of the Phoenix race.

If a member of the Phoenix race were to ever surrender itself before another being, they will lower their head and prostrate themselves on the ground. This proves they are willing to become their mount.

Roughly rubbing her eyes, Bai Zhi couldn’t believe the scene. Clenching her fist into a hard ball, she nearly bit through her lips from how angry she was.

“This…” Lan Yu’s (uncle) breathing became a little tense, “This Searing Flame Phoenix is your grandfather’s gift?”

That’s not your average demon beast out there, it’s a sky class Searing Flame Phoenix!

Even in the Demon Beast Sect, there’s only a few that could subdue such a being!

If the Lan family can get their hands on this phoenix, that would mean they will once again break into the first-rate noble family class!

Confirming it with humm, Bai Yan didn’t beat around the bush: “Grandfather is getting old so in order to make traveling easier for him, I specifically prepared this phoenix for him. This way he won’t have to walk so much.”

Nearly everyone were gasping for air, some were even twitching in the eye at the explosive statement.

Too old? Inconvenient when traveling?

This old lord looks absolutely fantastic, which part of that looks old?

And don’t you think it’s too extravagant to use a phoenix as a ride?

“Father!” Seeing the prostrating bird before Old Lord Lan, Bai Zhi’s jealousy completely twisted her, “Didn’t you say all demon beasts are arrogant and proud? Why is it willing to submit to Bai Yan?”

Ignoring the girl’s questioning, Bai Zheng Xiang only looked towards Bai Yan with his gloomy face.

“You did this on purpose didn’t you? Deliberately hiding away this phoenix so I would drive you away from the Bai House.”


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