Overturning the Heavens chapter 75

Chapter 75 “The Queen Dowager’s Summon (3)”

“Mother,” Bai Ruo hurries to call out. “Last night His Highness went to attend sister’s reception banquet and learned of Old Lord Lan’s recovery. If Husband can also marry my sister and get the Lan family’s support, it will be a great boon for his future.”


Bai Yan has already lost her virginity. If the crown prince of the state himself gets involved, wouldn’t that be equivalent to blemishing the royal family’s face?

Seemingly aware of the queen’s concern, Bai Ruo follows up with a smile: “Mother, this matter is fine if we don’t advocate it to the public. We can say on the surface that my sister is there to accompany the crown prince but is in actual fact his concubine. This way it won’t be a blemish to the royal family’s credit.”

Ning Dai knew what the girl said was true. Even if her own grandson had extraordinary fate on his side, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a guarantee the throne will be theirs for the taking. There are simply too many coveting the crown. If they can gather the Lan House’s power, it’s still an extra layer of protection.

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Of course, Ning Dai wouldn’t show her true thoughts on the surface. Looking down at Bai Ruo, her face turns to a distressed one: “If we do this then it will be hard on you.”

How can one allow another to sleep in the same bed?

And how many women out there would willingly sacrifice themselves to help their husband pick another wife?

If Bai Ruo can make such a difficult decision then its definite proof she’s a virtuous woman inside and out.

“Mother, I am fine with this.” Shaking her head, “As long as it’s for my husband’s welfare then I’m willing to even give up my position as Crown Princess!”

Ning Dai’s perception of the girl was becoming better and better, likewise, her image of Bai Yan only got worse.

Bai Yan, do you really think you can enter my husband’s eye? No! An unclean woman like you wouldn’t even garner his touch!

I merely want to keep you under my feet so I can keep trampling you!

“Someone come!” Ning Dai nods approvingly and gave her summon, “Have someone wait outside the dowager’s quarter. As soon as Bai Yan appears, you people are to bring her over to me!”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

The palace maids who were busy carrying the fruit plates all kneeled in unison before retreating away for their order.


Ever since Bai Yan entered the palace, she had been led directly into the Peace Wing where the old queen herself had been awaiting her presence.

Following the announcement of her arrival, the door swings open and the image of a kind-hearted grandmother comes into her view. Through the support of a young maid by her side, the old queen beckons her inside.

“So you’re Bai Yan. It’s been so many years, look how you’ve grown.”

Holding onto Bai Yan’s hand, the dowager caresses them and exhaled a lamenting sigh: “Child, please don’t blame me for not shielding you back then. His Majesty insisted on the decision so not even I can change his mind.”

Although the king was known to be a very filial person, but out of concern for the royal family’s reputation, there’s no way he would’ve allowed a unclean woman like Bai Yan into the lineage book.

“What are you all still standing around for?” The old queen looks around herself at the idling maids: “Hurry and get a seat for her.”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.” The maids gave a quick bow and retreated. In no longer than a minute, a chair was prepared for Bai Yan in the room.

“Your Grace, are you facing some discomfort in recent days?” After observing the slightly blue complexion, Bai Yan’s expression turned dark and serious.

Stunned by the remark, the old queen smiles and laugh: “You are indeed a caring one like your mother. Yes, it’s true, I’ve been a little unwell recently. Likely just me overworking myself, it’s nothing to be concerned about.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple…”



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  1. Hello translator. I’m just curious why you insist on calling a queen ‘your highness’ instead of ‘your majesty’?
    If I remember it right, if its queen/king and emperor/empress, it should be ‘your majesty’ and ‘your highness’ is only called for the princes and princesses. Just sayin’

    • I don’t know why i keep calling her highness, i think it was a certain segment from a chapter that made me want to separate her from the king’s dialogue.

      And honestly, there’s so many conflicting information on how to address royalty out there that i gave up somewhere along the way.

      Believe me, i tried asking a lot of people and they say from Your Grace’ Your Excellency, to You Queenship and etc.

      Then that’s when i realized it, who cares? As long as it can keep the two character separate and get the point through from character A to Character B is fine in my book.

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