Overturning the Heavens chapter 77

Chapter 77 “The Crown Princess? Not Interested”

“You…” Ning Dai’s (Queen) expression promptly changed for the worse, “Bai Yan, don’t even try to frame me here!”

“Oh, if it’s not Your Highness remarrying then who else can it be inside the Phoenix Wing? It can’t be Bai Ruo here now is it? Then I must say give my congratulations here.”

Swinging herself up from the seat, Bai Yan’s charming smile was so perfect that if one unsuspecting individual were to come across this, they would definitely believe it’s true.

Distorting in her expression, Ning Dai swear she would rush up this instant and beat this girl to death if not for the Lan House’s power.

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“Ruo, you tell her instead.” She can’t bear to keep going, otherwise she might really go mad here.

“Yes, Mother,” Bai Ruo didn’t show any signs of being affected by the remarks: “Sister, the happy occasion is to do with you. I’ve convinced my mother the queen here to let you be my husband’s concubine. Hurry and go back to the Lan House and prepare. They will be coming to pick you up today.”

Bai Yan literally fell into a laughing fit at this. From inside the pavilion, she advances in on bai Ruo.

“Back then your Bai family wanted to sell me off to an old man as a concubine. Now, you are trying it again today. In your people’s eye, do you think I’m only capable of being another’s concubine?”

Slightly distorting in her face, not even Bai Ruo can keep up with her act when being pointed out in the open: “I don’t know what you are saying my sister. When have we ever tried to sell you to an old man? Even if you don’t like me, you can’t frame me like this. I know sister you hold a lot of opinion on me, so to sooth this, I’m willing to offer you the position of crown princess if you wish…”

“Ruo!” Ning Dai yells out in protest, “Have her become the crown princess? Based on what? Your stomach is good and gave the royal family a son that can cause the animals of this world to prostrate in worship, while this unclean woman here only knows how to pair up with some wild man.”

Animal, prostrate in worship?

A strange light came out of Bai Yan’s gaze after hearing this.

She had long known Bai Ruo had lied about this and used the incident to give her son a halo, but to hear it in person, she simply can’t resist chuckling at the shamelessness.

“If you like the title of crown princess then go ahead and keep it for yourself.” Slowly coming up to the woman, Bai Yan puts on the aura of a superior being, “I, Bai Yan, am not interested!”

She did not deliberately press down her voice, thus allowing the queen over there to hear every word of it.

It’s truly a strange occurrence here, When Ning Dai heard the girl was coveting her son earlier, her first feeling was disgust. But hearing it in person that Bai Yan wasn’t interested, her immediately reaction became anger instead.

“Bai Yan, how dare you! My son is so excellent that it’s not even an insult to make you his bedding maid! Now you dare to resist my order? Resist royal authority?! Someone come, take her away!”

“Wait!” Bai Ruo suddenly breaks in. Hurrying to run over, she was ready to pull at Bai Yan’s hand when the most unexpected happened.

Beaming a cold light in her iris, Bai Yan didn’t give any signal and directly jerked her feet upwards to land a tremendous kick at Bai Ruo’s chest. Like a doll, she shot out like a cannon ball across the air…

Literally, every person present was left utterly shocked here. Even the queen herself was left stunned…

Bai Ruo was a recognized genius, otherwise Ning Dai never would’ve allowed the girl to marry her son.

But now, one kick and she’s sent flying?


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