Overturning the Heavens chapter 82

Chapter 82 “The Queen Makes a Fool of Herself (4)”

Bai Ruo looked up in surprise. Based on that tone, it’s immediately clear the woman intends to swallow the humiliation instead of searching out His Majesty the King.

This won’t do, I cannot allow the Sovereign Prince to become Bai Yan’s backing!

“Queen Mother.” A scheming light flickers across those eyes, “There’s another thing I want to discuss with you today. I hope you can grant this…”

Ning Dai’s face remains unwell in her complexion: “What is it?”

“Lord Cang isn’t young anymore and for many years he’s been lacking a mistress for his place. This won’t do, so I wish to have my sister marry the man. I hope Mother can help on this matter.”

“My dear,” musing for a moment, “you also saw his attitude towards Bai Yan today. If I go too far, I fear he would go to His Majesty and protest about me.”

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“Queen Mother.” Coming up to Ning Dai’s side, Bai Ruo takes over the job of serving the tea from the maid’s hand: “Lord Cang is only doing that on the spur of the moment. Once his temper is settled, things will be fine. Besides, do you really believe he would like an unclean woman?”

Ning Dai’s tightly curled brow loosens: “Your meaning is…”

“I can see that Lord Cang is very interested in my elder sister. Why don’t we do this then. As a goodwill, we can also set them up with a decree. By then I’m certain Lord Cang would be grateful beyond compare.”

Whether Bai Yan falls into her hand or her younger sister Bai Zhi’s hand, it’s all the same. That way it’s even better!

“But I’ve heard about Lord Cang’s habit, they say he has a strong sense of cleanliness…” Ning Dai’s voice still sounded somewhat hesitant.

The man was simply too scary, so scary that she herself don’t dare to actively provoke.

“Mother, as the old saying goes, hearing is imaginary and seeing is the truth. Lord Cang is clearly interested in my elder sister so its safe to presume that’s nothing but a rumor.”

Ning Dai was still undecided when Bai Ruo’s persuading voice rang in again.

“And… I heard that Six Princess is also interested in Lord Cang. She is Consort Liu’s daughter and Third Prince’s sister. Third Prince is an ambitious person. If we allow them to gain the backing of Lord Cang then it will be a great obstacle in your son and my husband’s ascension to the throne. That’s a very unfavorable situation Mother.”

After this, Ning Dai’s brooding face promptly turned fierce: “Hand down my decree, have Bai Zhi marry into the Cang Manor as the main wife. At the same time, issue another decree to the Lan House. Tell them Bai Yan is to marry into the Cang Manor as a concubine one month from now.”

I cannot let Consort Liu have her way, I cannot!

“Then I have to give our thanks to Mother for your great kindness. Otherwise, my elder sister could never become Lord Cang’s concubine.”

She never once mentioned Bai Zhi because in her view, Bai Ruo believes her younger sister can only be the main wife. On the contrary, Bai Yan being the concubine was already an act of kindness from their end.

What qualification does an unmarried pregnant woman have to join the royal family? Without the queen’s decree, no one will ever recognize her!

“You can go down then, I’m a bit tired right now.” Ning Dai waves her hand, closing her fatigued eyes as a form of dismissal.

“Yes Mother.”

Slowly rising, Bai Ruo departs the Phoenix Wing under the guidance of a palace maid. The moment she’s out, that gentle smile instantly disappears. In its place, an insidious light filled those cruel eyes.

Bai Yan, do you think Lord Cang can really become your backing? Even if he is only a titled royalty, he’s still a part of the royal family. That means he cannot decide his marriage!


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