Overturning the Heavens chapter 101

Chapter 101 “Di Cang’s Shadiness”

After sweeping his gaze across the surrounding, Di Cang’s eyes eventually fell upon the pond not far away, causing poor Little Rice to scream in the heart until it’s about to pop. Fortunately, that hiatus only lasted for a short while before moving on.

“Since you’ve seen through me then I won’t bother acting anymore.” Plopping on the ground, the tiger begins to stretch like he didn’t mind, “Bai Yan is my mistress, but she has no children so the one you are looking for is definitely not her.”

Giving a short glance at the baby tiger, Di Cang abruptly took a seat without any indication. “Since that’s the case then I will wait for little Yan Yan to return, then we can talk.”

Hearing his poor little heart hitting the floor, Little Rice inexplicably looked towards the pond with worry in those irises.

Time passes slowly here.

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By noon, a figure in red descends quickly from the sky. As soon this woman came down, she immediately took notice to the lazy looking man sitting inside the peach blossom pavilion.

In this moment, her heart felt like it just received a heavy blow out of nowhere.

If any ordinary woman were to see Di Cang in his current state, they will no doubt fall heads over heels for him. Slightly open in the chest, peach petals drifting around his body, and a seductive face that would make any woman drool. Such an incredible picture was impossible to fake.

Such a shame, contrary to the norm, Bai Yan only felt anger flaring up in her heart at the sight of this: “Lord Cang sure is free. What, you came all the way to my turf just to drink?”

Now that Bai Yan has arrived on the scene, the nervous Hualuo (Flower Brothel head) could finally relax. Gathering up her nerve, she quickly scurried over to her mistress’s side and stood there. Even Little Rice felt safer in Bai Yan’s arm…

“You are finally here?” Di Cang slowly places the jade cup down, his sight falling onto the woman that he wants.

Just that……

When he saw the baby tiger nesting in Bai Yan’s embrace, a sudden urge grips him and he wanted so dearly to rip that thing apart!

While on the other end, Bai Yan was currently combing through Little Rice’s fur because she really wanted to ask about her son’s whereabout. Unfortunately, due to the fear of that man finding out over there, she resisted that urge.

“Di Cang!” In the moment she raised her hand, another arm suddenly stretched out to grab for her. In a flipping turn, Bai Yan was once again pressed against her will with the peach tree behind her.

By the way, Di Cang didn’t forget to toss that eyesore of a tiger away during the process.


Hualuo (head of the brothel) became frightfully scared there. Just as she’s ready to jump forward to help, Bai Yan stopped her with a stare.

“Hualuo, you retreat first.”

Hearing that, Hualuo first showed shock, then acceptance after seeing the two enchanting figures together. Without looking back, she walked for the outside.

“Bai Yan, do you think I wouldn’t know just because you don’t say it?” Di Cang’s smile was oddly mesmerizing despite being as cold as ever, “Do you want to see if I can make him come out with a single sentence?”

Bai Yan’s heart shuddered for a second there, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“It seems you aren’t going to give up until the end!” Gently releasing the woman in his embrace, those lips became insidious and scheming, “If you really won’t hand over our son then I will take you away this instant! From then on, he will never be able to see you again!”


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