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Fox wife

She is a descendant of an Ancient Chinese Aristocratic family. Having just transmigrated into a young lady’s body from another world, she had no choice but to pounce at a random man to save herself from duress upon arrival.

Unexpectedly, not only did she get caught red handed in bed, she’s also pregnant with child before marriage.

In the end, her baby that she carried for ten months turned out to be a little fox, and it can cry “Mama” once born? Fortunately for her, the child is well-behaved, kind, and caringly protective of his mother.

In this world filled with both evil and good, this pair of mother and son will work together to destroy all their adversaries. As for the scumbag relatives who scorned them, they will make them pay dearly with regret in mind.

But then one day the baby fox’s father suddenly showed up, not only to steal the child, but to steal her too? How can there be such a good thing? This foolish father of his, didn’t even ask for little fox’s opinion?

Stabbing his hands to his hip, a certain little fox demands: “You want to be my father? First pay up then go behind the line. Mother, I think next door’s Uncle Wang is quite rich, you can just become Uncle Wang’s daughter-in-law.”


Chapter 100 “Hurry and Run! Your father’s Here!”

Chapter 101 “Di Cang’s Shadiness”

Chapter 102 “Little Bai Xiachen is Discovered!”

Chapter 103 “Do You Love Me?”

Chapter 104 “Only She Can Plot Against Di Cang”

Chapter 105 “You are Destined to Marry Me”

Chapter 106 “Nangong Yi’s Fury”

Chapter 107 “Bai Ruo’s Pain”

Chapter 108 “This is Just the Beginning”

Chapter 109 “Sell Bai Xiachen?”

Chapter 110 “Bai Xiachen Goes to the Bai House”

Chapter 111 “The Asking for Death Bai House”

Chapter 112 “Bad Child”

Chapter 113 “”Lady Chu”

Chapter 114 “I’m his Grandmother”

Chapter 115 “Arson (1)”

Chapter 116 “Arson (2)”

Chapter 117 “The Child Arsonist”

Chapter 118 “Bai Xiachen is the Scheming One (1)”

Chapter 119 “Bai Xiachen is the Scheming One (2)”

Chapter 120 “Ruined (1)”

Chapter 121 “Ruined (2)”

Chapter 122 “Did I Owe You a Favor in My Past Life?

Chapter 123 “The Shameless Bai Family (1)”

Chapter 124 “The Shameless Bai Family (2)”

Chapter 125 “This Vicious Bai Ruo (1)”

Chapter 126 “This Vicious Bai Ruo (2)”

Chapter 127 “This Vicious Bai Ruo (3)”

Chapter 128 “True Affection (1)”

Chapter 129 “True Affection (2)”

Chapter 130 “Dan Pill Gifting Conference”

Chapter 131 “Charging Once Again (1)”

Chapter 132 “Charging Once Again (2)”

Chapter 133 “Charging Once Again (3)”

Chapter 134 “Little Bully”

Chapter 135 “Cruel Things”

Chapter 136 “The Thief Cries Thief (1)”

Chapter 137 “The Thief Cries Thief (2)”

Chapter 138 “The Dowager’s Fury (1)”

Chapter 139 “The Dowager’s Fury (2)”

Chapter 140 “Flattered”

Chapter 141 “Innocent Di Cang”

Chapter 142 “Punishment (1)”

Chapter 143 “Punishment (2)”

Chapter 144 “Punishment (3)”

Chapter 145 “Chu Yi Yi (1)”

Chapter 146 “Chu Yi Yi (2)”

Chapter 147 “The Dead Man is Here Again (1)”

Chapter 148 “The Dead Man is Here Again (2)”

Chapter 149 “The Dead Man is Here Again (3)”

Chapter 150 “Sudden Tenderness (1)”

Chapter 151 “Sudden Tenderness (2)”

Chapter 152 “Sudden Tenderness (3)”

Chapter 153 “Di Cang’s Revenge (1)”

Chapter 154 “Di Cang’s Revenge (2)”

Chapter 155 “Di Cang’s Revenge (3)”

Chapter 156 “I Said I Will Wait For You (1)”

Chapter 157 “I Said I Will Wait For You (2)”

Chapter 158 “Bai Xaichen is too Cunning”

Chapter 159 “Take the Fall (1)”

Chapter 160 “Take the Fall (2)”

Chapter 161 “Take the Fall (3)”

Chapter 162 “Take the Fall (4)”

Chapter 163 “The Unlucky Princess (1)”

Chapter 164 “The Unlucky Princess (2)”

Chapter 165 “The Unlucky Princess (3)”

Chapter 166 “The Unlucky Princess (4)”

Chapter 167 “Return the Dowry (1)”

Chapter 168 “Return the Dowry (2)”

Chapter 169 “Return the Dowry (3)”

Chapter 170 “Threat (1)”

Chapter 171 “Threat (2)”

Chapter 172 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (1)”

Chapter 173 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (2)”

Chapter 174 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (3)”

Chapter 175 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (4)”

Chapter 176 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (5)”

Chapter 177 “Stealing the Dan Pill? (6)”

Chapter 178 “The Strong Robs the Weak (1)”

Chapter 179 “The Strong Robs the Weak (2)”

Chapter 180 “The Strong Robs the Weak (3)”

Chapter 181 “Young Master of the Medicine Sect”

Chapter 182 “Will Not Tolerate (1)”

Chapter 183 “Will Not Tolerate (2)”

Chapter 184 “She is the Head of the Flower Brothel (1)”

Chapter 185 “She is the Head of the Flower Brothel (2)”

Chapter 186 “With a Stepmother comes a Stepfather”

Chapter 187 “Take Di Cang for a Fool”

Chapter 188 “Wait for Me”

Chapter 189 “White Lotus Flower (i)”

Chapter 190 “White Lotus Flower (2)”

Chapter 191 “Music Valley’s Mistress (1)”

Chapter 192 “Music Valley’s Mistress (2)”

Chapter 193 “Not His Daughter”

Chapter 194 “To Heal You (1)”

Chapter 195 “To Heal You (2)”

Chapter 196 “To Heal You (3)”

Chapter 197 “Child King (1)”

Chapter 198 “Child King (2)”

Chapter 199 “This is my Father?”

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