Overturning the Heavens chapter 100

Chapter 100 “Hurry and Run! Your father’s Here!”

Slightly wrinkling his nose at the commotion from the outside, Bai Xiachen makes a frown as he spoke: “Little Rice, what’s that noise outside? Is it that baddy Bai Zheng Xiang again?”


A white glow zoomed across the sky and lands right in front of the boy, “Little Master, quickly run, your father is here looking for you!”


Bai Xiachen was so shocked that he came tumbling down from the fake mountain in which he sat. From that cute little face came a horrified expression: “How did the bastard find out about me?”

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“Stop caring about that for now, you must leave at once! Where are the pills mistress left for you? Hurry and take one to tide your scent!”

It’s over!

If that man makes his way here, the little master will be taken away! By then, mistress will definitely be sad beyond relief!

In his haste, he didn’t bother to double check the content and directly chugged one of the pills into his mouth.

“Little Rice, what do we do now? Even if I take this pill, the man will definitely figure out my identity if he sees me.”

He’s about to cry now from panic, If only mother was here, then there will definitely be a solution.

Beaming with light in his tiger eyes, Little Rice suddenly came down with a great idea after taking notice to the pond nearby: “Little Master, go hide inside the water! No matter what, don’t poke your head out.”


Giving a heavy nod, Bai Xiachen’s body began to change, transforming into a silvery baby fox under the sunlight. Once that’s done, he dived right into the pond without hesitation.

Exhaling a breath of relief after the boy was hidden from view at last, Little Rice didn’t even have time to do anything else before a figure came rushing into the yard from the outside.

Of course, the man in question didn’t come alone, Hualuo (head of the Flower Brothel) too was chasing from behind. As soon as she came over, her eyes eagerly swept across the place for signs of the young lord. Finding there’s no one, her eyes clearly gave off a relieved light.

“Your Highness, we really don’t have the people you are looking for. Please go back.”

There’s no one?

Di Cang grinned: “Since I’m here then I won’t be leaving so easily!”

Hualuo’s expression was growing increasingly anxious. Earlier she had already directed someone to go inform her mistress, just that she’s unsure if it’s made it yet.

“Your Highness, even if you are the Sovereign Prince, that doesn’t mean you can just barge into private property.” Her voice became a little cold, “Not to mention my Flower Brothel isn’t so easy to be picked on either!”

Di Cang’s leg halted on the spot. From that handsome and peerless face, an oppressive aura came rushing out as he spoke without an ounce of temperature in his voice.

“If your life wasn’t saved by Bai Yan, then just that sentence alone is enough to lose you your life.”

Hualuo instantly widened her eyes in disbelief.

This man knows that too? It can’t be… there’s a traitor amongst my mix?


Watching the woman foolishly butting heads with Di Cang, Little Rice hurries to make his move in order to attract the man’s attention.

“As a descendant of the White Tiger race, you are actually pretending to be a weak little cat and acting so well too. It seems being a part of the cat family is more suitable for you.”

Uh Oh…… Little Rice feels like he’s been very careless and unwise here.

If this man is the little master’s father, then surely his identity isn’t simple either. To think I be so dumb to act like a cat in front of him…

“I’ll give you two another chance, where is the boy!”


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