Overturning the Heavens chapter 104

Chapter 104 “Only She Can Plot Against Di Cang”


Little Rice was speechless here. For some reason, he feels like the situation had exceeded his imagination.


Inside an antiquely ordained bedroom, a man punishingly tosses his prize onto the bed and then firmly pressed down with his body. That voice low and fierce: “You going to keep lying to me?”

Now that the evidence is conclusive, I like to see how this woman will keep justifying herself.

That’s when Bai Yan broke out into a laughing fit after hearing that remark. Then all of a sudden, she hooked her arms around the man’s neck and smothered her lips against his. As the heat between their skin and flesh intermingled together, something else occurred on the male end, and it’s not the good kind.

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It’s boiling, it’s erupting, it’s absolutely screaming for release!

Unable to resist the urge anymore, Di Cang moved in, pulling that waist ever so close so that he can deepen that kiss and the impending act of their merger.

“Yan Yan…” The man’s voice was dry and husky here while those affectionate eyes were so full of desire that no woman can possibly mistake them for anything else, “You’re asking for it….”

At this moment, there’s only one thought running through his mind and that was to devour this woman before him. Unfortunately for him, due to his urgency for relief, Di Cang had lost track of his usual keenness and didn’t notice that sharp gaze from the woman.

Those lips are simply too intoxicating. No matter how much he pressed in against them, it’s never enough…

Just that……

When he’s at the peak of his enjoyment, Di Cang suddenly noticed something from that smiling face. Pricking his brow, he asked: “What did you do to me?”

“Didn’t you say you want to sleep with me?” Breaking free from her imprisonment, she first organized her messy hair before continuing, “So, I secretly wiped some poison on my lips. The toxin will make you impotent for the next three months.”

Going dark in the face, Di Cang’s throat became very dry as he watched those ever so juicy lips bounce around.

“You planned this the whole time?”

In his entire life, he had never fallen for another’s trap, the exception being only this woman!

“This is not scheming you know, it’s self-defense.” Smirking, Bai Yan’s eye lit up, “I’m good at saving people, that’s a definite. However, I’m also good at poisoning others too. After the first time you tried to force your way into me that night, I immediately came up with this idea. How is it, the taste of my specially concocted poison?”

Di Cang’s was already at a very critical stage when they were kissing, but due to the poison, he’s getting no reaction down there after the first rise.

“Bai Yan!”

Gritting his teeth: “You are the first person to ever successfully plot against me! Therefore, I’m going to take back what I said about making you give me ten sons!”

Bai Yan pricked her brow after hearing this. This guy is going to give up?

Unfortunately, she thought too highly of him. Before the idea could come to an end, the man’s angry voice came again.

“You need to give me ten sons and ten daughters instead!”

New and old, whatever fault she has, he will get even with this woman all at once!

Not minding that unrealistic remark, Bai Yan readily pulls the bed curtains down and used them to cover herself. Due to the transparency of those white coverings, it didn’t help much in terms of shielding her body, rather, it’s quite provocative in this case.

“Oh beautiful.” Bai Yan deviously raises a smirk. Then using those evil fingers, she pinched the man on the chin and leaned in against him, “You want to get back at me? Just so you know, it’s not that easy so you best give up!”

Feeling the woman’s temperature again, Di Cang’s breathing became heavier to the point his voice sounded rasp and harsh, “Bai Yan, if you keep teasing me then I won’t mind using only my fingers to do the job!”
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