Overturning the Heavens chapter 109

Chapter 109 “Sell Bai Xiachen?”

Bai Xiao turned cold at the statement: “Little Xiachen is my sister’s son, not some wild child like you said. You better watch your tongue!”

“A kid that doesn’t even know his own father can only be a wild child, what of it?” Old Madam Yu snickers a sarcastic laugh.

Towards that blatant insult, Bai Xiao’s anger grew even stronger. Just as he’s ready to take action, a soft innocent voice chimed in from below.

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“Uncle, what is a wild child? Is it some kind of food?” Blinking with innocence in his eyes, the baby boy asked.

Hearing that dumb remark from the kid, Old Madam Yu’s attitude grew even more sardonic here: “Wild child means you.”

Note: I had to tweak this part because Bai Xiachen is playing a word game here. Bastard/wild child and wild plant sounds exactly the same in Chinese so kinda lost the little insult after translating.

“Oh, so my mother grew me out from the fields?” Making the cuddliest of a smile, the boy then continues, “But since I’m so smart and cute, I must have been grown from the best seed out there unlike this old lady. She’s so bad so her seed must be the worst of the worst.”

Just seconds ago Bai Xiao was still worried about his precious nephew here being effected by those disgusting words, but after this little twist, he couldn’t help but break out into a joyful laugh at the clever boy’s ability.

“That’s right Xiachen, your seed must be the best of the best if you are this cute and smart.” Rubbing the baby boy on the head, Bai Xiao looked very proud right now.

Shaking in her fingers due to excessive anger, Old Madam Yu directly points to the baby boy with hatred clearly visible in her eyes: “How can you talk like that! Did your mother not teach you anything about manners?”

Making an intentional surprised look, Bai Xiachen ignored the old woman and turns to his uncle instead: ”Uncle, did I say something wrong? Isn’t a wild child a seed that’s planted in the field? I know I didn’t hear her wrong just now.”

Due to his pitiful little expression, even those unaffiliated with this matter were showing disgust towards the old lady.

This little guy is only five years old, how can he know what a wild child is? Plus, it’s clearly her who started this whole thing, now she’s blaming an innocent kid?

“I am your great grandmother! Who allowed you to be so rude before me!” Old Madam Yu begins scolding the young kid.

In response to that, Bai Xiachen immediately became puzzled: “Uncle, why is this old lady claiming to be my great grandmother? I thought mother only had one grandmother and she’s from the Lan family, isn’t she?”

First glancing at the livid looking old granny, then back at the little kid: “That’s right, she has nothing to do with you.”

”Oh? Then I know, it must be another one of those who’s trying to get close to me after seeing how cute and lovely I am.” Not blinking at all, Bai Xiachen openly declares this like it’s the only truth.

By now Old Madam Yu could barely keep herself standing due to how maddening the little twerp was. If not for the maid’s support, no doubt she be on the floor.

I knew it, Bai Yan’s son is the same, no manner whatsoever!

“No matter what, my son-in-law is your grandfather so you must come with me to the Bai House!” Old Madam Yu’s expression went dark as she made this demand.

Although this child is very ignorant and rude, but at least he’s very good looking. If sold to a place like the Flower Brothel, no doubt he can fetch a pretty penny for us. What’s more, Zheng Xiang (father) is trying to curry favor with those people right now, making this kid a perfect present.


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  1. Yep like my last comment, our ‘genius’ MC who’s been neglecting her child is now allowing her child to be sold. The best parent award sure goes to her. Honestly her child would probably receive more care at a brothel than with her since she’s too busy playing around. Seriously she’s not even doing anything important or taking revenge.

    • Did you even read the last chapter? She’s on her way. Or all the previous chapters for that matter. She obviously loves him, and he loves her back.
      Because yeah, she’s ‘playing around’ by trying to thwart the super-powerful man who wants to rape her and kidnap her son.

    • … I think we’ve been reading different stories.


  2. Thanks for the chapter! Two thoughts: everyone who really knows what Xiachen is capable of seems to be convinced he can deal with anything the Bai idiots throw at him, so I suspect Bai Yan’s concern may be as much concern over how much carnage little Xiaochen will deliver, plus it’s ironic that Granny Yu is thinking of selling him to the organization that Bai Yan is pretty much boss of to curry favour… plus, there are the secret bodyguards there to protect his uncle. I’m sure they would step in if necessary. Can’t wait to see the fur fly!

  3. thankyou for the chapter and this old lady never learn not to mess witch bai yan people and even more witch her kid she would wish to have never been born .
    the flower brothel is the kid turf so selling him to them to get their favor = aniquilation(aniquilar) of the bai family excep for bai yan brother

  4. Yaaa, is this a trend to sell one’s master to their own subordinate/place?? I read this in another novel too, and dumbfounded seeing how stupid the characters in these novels! 😂

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