Overturning the Heavens chapter 110

Chapter 110 “Bai Xiachen Goes to the Bai House”

If anything else, we can sell this kid to another man as their XXXX toy. With that look, at the very least he’s worth a Dan pill.


When Bai Xiachen (baby boy) heard those hollering words from the old granny, he immediately took on a shocked and frightened appearance: “This old woman is so scary. She wouldn’t be trying to sell me, right?”

Going soft in his eyes, Bai Xiao (brother) attempts to calm the boy: “Don’t worry, she doesn’t have anything to do with you so she has no grounds to try anything like that.”

“Is that true?” Wrinkling his cute little nose, “But back when I was on the Holy Island, I saw a fox tricking a crow so that it could snatch the food right out of its mouth. The eyes it made is exactly like this woman, tricky and scheming. I’m scared…”

Old Madam Yu’s face didn’t look so well right now because she was constantly trying to suppress her urge to lash out at the boy.

“Don’t worry, my tone was a little heavy there, but there’s no way I would sell you. In the end you are still our blood.” Through much difficulty, the shameless old woman finally manages an awkward smile that even a kid can see through it.

Although the old granny went by the surname Yu, she had for many years considered herself a part of the Bai family, hence the reason why she could say such outlandish lies so smoothly.

“Moreover, don’t you want to see your grandfather?”


Pinching his small little mouth in displeasure, That bad man wouldn’t even get a doctor for my uncle when he’s sick. Now this old woman actually wants me to go see him instead?

“Even if you won’t recognize me as your great grandmother, your grandfather is still your grandfather. That won’t change no matter what. Now that you are here in the city, you must go meet him. If not, your mother’s reputation will only get worse if the word spreads.”

The plan here was that she will first trick the foolish boy back into their home. Once that’s done, they can do whatever they want afterwards.

“Little Xiachen.” Watching the scheming old woman in front of him, Bai Xiao’s expression grew even darker: “Let me bring you back to your mother.”

Contrary to what the young man expected, his nephew didn’t follow him when he tried to pull him away.

Blinking those naïve looking eyes, “Okay, I will go see my grandfather.”


That old baddie bullied Mother, so this time I’m going to have a whack at him!

Old Madam Yu was quite complacent in her devious smile here, but before she can get cocky over her lies, a series of persuading voices broke out from the onlooking crowd.

“Little one, you mustn’t go with her to the Bai House, she already called you a wild child earlier. if you do, you will definitely suffer at their hands.”

Six years ago the world had assumed Old Madam Yu fainted on the street because of her good relationship with Bai Yan after she eloped with another man. But now, after witnessing the insulting words from this old woman here, the crowd can see that’s clearly not the case. Furthermore, there’s been word coming out from the palace since this morning that the Sovereign Prince was the one who forced his way onto Bai Yan back then. If that’s the truth, then the story preached around by the Bai House wouldn’t stand anymore. Clearly there are many details missing from the original story…

“Dear uncles and aunties,” Bai Xiachen politely made a bow to greet the good people. “Back when my mother held the banquet at the Lan House, she had already dissolved any relationship she had with the Bai house. However, this old woman keeps on bothering me despite that fact, claiming I will humiliate my mother if I don’t go with her. In order to not bring shame to my mother, I can only make a trip back with her to settle this for good.”


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