Overturning the Heavens chapter 112

Chapter 112 “Bad Child”

Bai Manor.

With the baby tiger in hand, Bai Xiachen silently followed behind the leading maid from the back. Eventually, they stopped in front of a wooden shed that’s meant for the firewood.

“This is where you will sleep,” the maid points ahead with her finger.

A wooden shed?

Due to his worry, Bai Xiao had tagged along to make sure the little guy doesn’t get mistreated. Sure enough, his handsome face promptly turned dark after seeing this.

“Xiachen isn’t only my sister’s child, he’s also my nephew!” His lips curved into a cold smirk, “Who allowed you to arrange for him a wooden shed?”

Biting her lips, the maid answered with the truth: “This is the old madam’s arrangement.”

“Old madam?” Bai Xiao snickered with contempt, “She’s nothing but an outsider so what gives her the right to make the arrangements?”

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Under the young boy’s pressuring stare, the maid could only silently take it with her head held low. Although Old Madam Yu was indeed an outsider, but none of the servants here would take it that way.

“Young master, please don’t make things difficult for me, otherwise, when the lord returns…”

“Scram!” Bai Xiao roars: “Go back and tell her I will arrange for my nephew’s place of stay. I don’t need an outsider managing our affair.”

After leaving behind this statement, Bai Xiao stopped looking at the maid entirely. Leaning down, he picks up the adorable little steam bun and turns around for the exit.

“Xiachen, you will sleep with me tonight. Then when morning comes around, I will send you back to your mother’s place.”

“There should be a side room at your quarter, right?” Bai Xiachen continues to show that innocent and bright face as he spoke: “I can stay there! Also, whatever happens today, you must promise me you won’t come over to check. Pretend nothing is happening, okay?”

Surprised by the strange request, Bai Xiao subconsciously looked down to meet those dark eyes from the baby boy: “Okay, I will do as you say.”

This little guy is nothing like a five-year-old child. Sometimes he’s so mature that even an adult cannot compare with him.

“Little Rice, let’s go.” Making the cutest smile one can make, Bai Xiachen’s eye literally glowed at this point. In truth, they are very similar to Di Cang’s bloodthirsty gaze without the bloodthirsty part. Very scheming and foxy like when they are thinking up something bad for their foes.


At this very moment in the east wing of the Bai estate, Yu Rong had just finished jumping up from her seat: “Mother, how could you bring that little runt here?”

To think Bai Yan’s son wasn’t lost back then… and its such an unbearable kid that don’t even know how to respect their elders. What sort of future can such a child possibly have?

“Back then I couldn’t sell Bai Yan after she ran away, so now, I’m going to sell her son!”

A cruel light shot out of the old woman’s eye just now because she had just remembered the price they paid after not keeping their end of the bargain. Just thinking of the incident would make her old heart ache with pain.

Yu Rong was surprised by her mother’s statement: “Mother, we were able to sell Bai Yan back then because Zheng Xiang wasn’t home at the time. Even if my husband favors us even more, he’s not going to sell his own flesh and blood.”

In truth, back when Lanyue (mother) was still alive, Bai Zheng Xiang’s attitude towards Bai Yan and Bai Xiao was rather good. It’s just that later in the years, due to the constant whispering and downgrading by Yu Rong, the original bond he had with the two were eventually torn away and only disappointment remains.

But disappointment was disappointment, it’s not enough to warrant the man to sell his own children for some Dan pills. That was unless the benefits involved were great enough to tempt him…


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