Overturning the Heavens chapter 116

Chapter 116 “Arson (2)”

“Bai Xiachen!” Gritting her teeth, “You are a part of the Bai family so it’s only right that you offer yourself for the family!”

“My mother told me that the entire Bai family are human traffickers. I didn’t believe her before, but now I do.” Still making an innocent smile, Bai Xiachen follows up with the most contradicting statement: “But my mother told me it’s good to help others so here’s my advice. You have a grandson so you can sell him to achieve your goal if you need.”

Now his expression becomes a proud one, seemingly waiting for Yu Rong to praise him for the good idea.

But there’s no way she would do that because the woman in question was going crazy mad at this point.

As expected, like mother like son!

Six years ago Bai Yan also said the same thing to her. If she wishes to sell someone, she can sell Bai Zhi or Bai Ruo instead.

“Bai Xiachen, I’m telling you now, as your grandmother, I have the right to decide your fate!” Raising her chin high in the air, “Not to mention my grandson is the royal grandchild. One day he’s destined to rule the kingdom! He’s not someone a bastard child like you can compare with!”

Turning sharp in his gaze, there’s one thing the little guy hated the most and that was being called a bastard child.

“Little Rice, bite her for me!”


Without delay, Little Rice’s body arched into a hunting position and pounced at the hateful woman. Next moment later, Yu Rong’s entire chest area had become stained with blood.

Yelling out in pain, Yu Rong’s anger could reach the very sky at this point: “Stinking cat, SCRAM!”

In one wave, she sends a slap straight for Little Rice’s face. Unfortunately for her, the baby tiger easily dodged the swipe and made a second bite for the most vulnerable spot he can find. This time the pain literally causes Yu Rong’s voice to distort due to how high her shriek was.

Jumping up and down with excitement, Bai Xiachen was absolutely enjoying the torturous scene. Unfortunately for him though, the show didn’t last very long before the guards came running over to find the trembling woman standing there.

“Madame!” They quickly rushed over, which was also the signal for Little Rice to return to the boy’s side.

“Go smack that cat until its dead! Then lock this brat up!” Yu Rong roars with hatred in her eye.

She has never been treated like this before so it’s a must she get back at the perpetrator.

First licking his paws to show off his gleaming claws, Little Rice only had disdain in his tiger eyes as he watched the guards.

Naturally, this completely infuriated Yu Rong: “What are you all doing? GO!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Immediately, the guards pulled out their weapons to carry out their order.

Watching the encroaching men coming his way, Bai Xiachen’s eye suddenly released a glimmer of red from his foxy eyes.

It was also at this instant that the guards found their legs stopping on their own. Its as if they’ve been plastered to the ground and unable to move.

“What are you all doing?” Yu Rong shouts, still glaring daggers at the boy.

No matter how she looked at it, the smile from the kid remains very hateful.

Tilting his small little head, Bai Xiachen makes the most innocent giggle: “You old witch, I heard you bullied my mother and my uncle back then, is it true?”


How can Yu Rong not understand what’s going on by now? What innocent boy? What innocent face? That’s all an act!

Making a broad grin, Bai Xiachen then raises a finger out and released a emerald green fox fire at the tip.

“Little Rice, we haven’t set a place on fire for a long while now. I remember the last time we did this was at the treasure vault belonging to my grandshifus. Though this place can’t be compared to back home, but I’m sure there’s bound to be something of value still.”


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  1. BX is good at least you released our frustration a bit as still waiting for your mother to….. Thanks for this chapter,

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