Overturning the Heavens chapter 130

Chapter 130 “Dan Pill Gifting Conference”

“You also prepared a gift?” Old Madam Lan was a little surprised there. “You child, it’s already good enough that you brought Xiachen here, why the gifts?” She looks at Bai Yan in a reproaching manner.

“Grandmother, there’s a special meaning to this gift. As it so happens, they are exactly what the family needs in these times.” Making a warm smile, she continues with a hint of mystique: “Son, bring out the gifts you prepared.”

Gleefully getting off from his great grandfather’s embrace, Bai Xiachen then brought out several porcelain bottles to hand it over to his mother.

From the batch, Bai Yan first picked out a bottle for the quiet Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) standing to the side: “Xiaoyun, why are you so quiet today?”

“Huh?” Hearing the familiar voice, the quiet girl quickly regained her strength and became a little embarrassed: “I was at the Criminal Division earlier because Lord Cang gave me permission, that’s when I saw how miserable Bai Zhi was. So… I was just thinking how I should go add fuel to the fire on my second visit.”

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It’s pretty obvious at this point her hatred for the other girl had penetrated straight into her bones. In particular was after last night where she learned of Yu Rong’s horrible deeds from back then. Selling her cousin? Want to burn her cute nephew? With that sort of grudge, how can she not go make trouble for her enemy in the prison cell? Only a fool wouldn’t!

“You don’t have to worry about Bai Zhi for now,” Bai Yan then hands the selected bottle to her younger cousin. “This here is a second grade Genuine Spiritual Pill. I can see your cultivation is already at the peak of the Yellow rank. With it, you are sure to break through your bottleneck.”

Troubled in the face, Lan Xiaoyun sounded hesitant in her voice: “This is… Dan pill? It’s for me?”

In recent days, the girl had indeed reached a bottleneck in her cultivation, hence the reason why Old Lord Lan was planning to purchase a Dan pill for her breakthrough in the coming days. However, he didn’t expect Bai Yan to delivery it in such a timely manner.

Bai Yan ignored her cousin’s surprised look, instead she shifted her gaze over to her big cousins Lan Shaoling (biggest) and Lan Shaoyan (second): “Cousins, I know your strength is already at the Earth class level so a second grade Dan pill will be useless for you two. Therefore, I prepared these third grade Great Spirit Pills instead. Though they cannot directly help you two make a breakthrough, but the effects will slowly come through.”


Now both men were stunned by this. Watching the bottles directed at themselves, neither could bring their hands to accept the gift.

“Each bottle has more than a dozen in there, more than enough for a good while.”

“Uncles,” Bai Xiachen innocently giggled. “Hurry and take these sugar beans. If anything, I can just eat less snacks in the next while.”

Amused by the comment, Lan Yu (uncle) makes a gentle pinch at the little guy’s cheek: “Your mother is trying to give us Dan pills, what does that have to do with your snacks?”

Tilting his head, Bai Xiachen answered honestly without thinking it through: “Because these are my snacks. Little Rice always tries to fight with me to eat more!”


Twitching in the mouth, Lan Yu (uncle) almost couldn’t believe his ears.

This… is too extravagant.

“My dear,” Old Lord Lan frowns. “I know you took on a fourth rank alchemist as your shifu (master), but by giving us all these stuff… Wouldn’t your shifu be mad and blame you?” Never in the old grandpa’s mind did the idea of Bai Yan being a powerful alchemist cross his mind.

It can’t be helped, the former Bai Yan’s talent was simply too mediocre. Though she’s been gone and must’ve encountered something great, but the timeframe was only six years! Then there’s also the matter of child care. The most Old Lord Lan expected was Bai Yan being a second rate alchemist at best.



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