Overturning the Heavens chapter 131

Chapter 131 “Charging Once Again (1)”

“Great Grandfather.” Stuffed with pills in his mouth at the moment, Bai Xiachen’s following words were difficult to make out: “Don’t worry about Mother’s shifus, they are very fond of her. If Mother says one then they won’t say two. If Mother says west then they won’t go east. Mother is the boss so it’s always my mother who makes the decision.”

Looking at the little guy truly eating the Dan pills like sugar beans, the people present were all twitching profusely in all sorts of places.

This prodigal child!

Nevertheless… Old Lord Lan felt more at ease after hearing the child’s careless statement because it meant someone’s been taking care of their grandchild while she’s outside.

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“Uncle.” Bai Yan turns her gaze to the man who had been closest to her mother: “You are already at the Sky rank of your cultivation, but just like them, the gift won’t be able to help you make a breakthrough because you aren’t at a bottleneck yet. Nevertheless, these fourth rank Sky Spirit Pills will greatly aid in your advancement.”


Heads started to explode.

Fourth Rank Sky Spirit Pill!

Even though this was of the same rank as the one used to heal Old Lord Lan from before, this type was of far greater value and importance. Hence the reason why they were all so astonished here.

Lan Yu’s hand was shaking terribly hard as he received the bottle: “Bai Yan, did you also get these from your shifu?”

Making an arbitrary smile: “The content inside should be enough for a month’s use. Uncle, these Dan pills are my form of repaying you in my mother’s stead.”

Years ago when Lan Yu first made it into the upper Earth class ranking of his cultivation, the Lan family had already prepared ahead of time for his eventual breakthrough. Things should’ve went ahead smoothly, but due to the suddenness of his sister Lanyue bull heading away to marry that heartless man, the supplementary pills could only be used as dowries instead.

Nearly bankrupt by then, the Lan family could never fully recover afterwards from that blow. This became set in stone after the foolish woman gave away all those pills to her heartless husband, leaving nothing left for her brother Lan Yue (uncle) even though he’s the one that’s supposed to consume them.

“Good child…” A little red in the eyes, Lan Yu rubs his niece on the head with tenderness in the gesture: “If only your mother can see how sensible you’ve become, I’m certain she would be very gratified right now.”

Slightly biting her lips, Bai Yan went ahead to ask a question that’s been bothering her until now: “Uncle, did you ever regret giving those pills to my mother back then?”

In response, Lan Yu only scoffed a laugh: “Your mother is my sister. So long as she wants it, I will give her everything and will not regret it.”

Even if this decision had caused the family to regress for several years, it’s not an issue.

Bai Yan looked complicated in her eyes, Lanyue is more than worthy of Bai Zheng Xiang after what she did for him, but she betrayed those who truly cared for her as the cost…

“Mother.” Trotting over to Bai Yan’s side, the boy looks up at his mother with those baby eyes: “What about Great Grandmother and Great Auntie’s gift?”

Coming back to reality from that soft melting voice, Bai Yan’s mouth inexplicably reformed into a gentle smile.

“Aunty, Grandmother, I figured things like fighting and stuff would never come to either of you. Therefore, I prepared something else instead.” Showing a dazzling smile, her words instantly baited the two woman, “What I have here is a type of Detoxifying Beauty Pill.”

“Detoxifying Beauty Pill?” Suddenly hearing this name, Lan Xiaoyun immediately grew interested and inquired for information: “Cousin, what is its use?”

“Xiaoyun (girl cousin), have a look at Xiachen’s (baby boy) face.” Gently squeezing her own son’s face, Bai Yan looked proud at her own achievement: “Don’t you think it’s very tender and white? That’s because I’ve been feeding him these beauty pills. They can remove the unwanted variables inside the body, leaving the consumer radiant with life afterwards.”



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  1. She….was feeding her son….beauty pills? What goes on in the MC’s head?
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    • I want to ask the same question. I can understand other dan but a beauty dan? Why give it to the child….

    • He has demon blood in him, those things might bw more like vitamin pills/candies to him as he’s already growing much more mature than a human 5 year old. Well, that’s my guess, so I don’t find it weird.

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