Overturning the Heavens chapter 134

Chapter 134 “Little Bully”

“You little animal, how dare you step on my shadow!” Just as Bai Xiachen was mindlessly walking through the back garden without knowing his way, he suddenly overheard this arrogant roar further up ahead.

Wrinkling his cute little brow, he can see that not far away was a bunch of kids huddling around a single skinny looking boy in the middle. Based on the fine and extravagant wear of these children, they must be the princes and princesses of the palace.

That skinny boy though… dressed in linen, he stood out like a sore thumb among the crowd. Though small, but that handsome face was unyielding as he glared back at his attackers.

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“You little bunny, you actually dare to glare back at me!” The leading bully mercilessly stomped at the skinny boy’s body.

Due to that chubby face of the assailant, he looked exactly like a miniature version of a snobby noble whose out making trouble for the commoners in the street.

Not making a peep at the pain, the skinny boy only staggered backwards to the floor after losing his balance.

From beginning to end, he never once cried.

Perhaps it’s due to his experience in life. From the moment he became sensible, the boy had learned first hand that crying was useless; in fact, it will only made the attacks and pain even worse.

“Did I say you can keep quiet?! Your mother is nothing but a maid in here, and you yourself is nothing but a runt born of that lowly servant!” After saying this, the little bully went ahead and wanted to make another stomp at the skinny boy’s body.

“Little Rice, go get em!” It was at this moment a tender voice abruptly broke in.


A white kitty suddenly dashed over from the air and rushed for the bully in question. Exclaiming in fright, the arrogant chubby boy staggered backwards and rolled to the floor in a messy fashion.

“Your Royal Highness!”

Finding the royal grandson taking a fall, the palace maids were all scared witless. Hurrying over, they attempt to help the snobby boy up.

Don’t take the crown princess (Bai Ruo) as a gentle soul per the rumors, if anything happens to her son – even a scratch won’t do – then these palace maids can forget about having a good life.

Getting back up under the support of the others, the little bully angrily glares at the newcomer: “Where did you come from you little twerp.”

“I’m not a twerp, but you are though!” Steaming at the insult, Bai Xiachen glares back a the rude chubby boy, “And my mother taught me since childhood that it’s not right to bully others. Why are you bullying him?”

Bai Xiachen was always strong in his sense of justice. Seeing another weaker than himself being attacked like that, he naturally can’t sit idle.

“This is my home so I can bully whoever I want!” The little bully knocks his chin high to gloat, “You are also on my property. Just wait and see, I’ll have my grandfather cut off your head!”

“What’s so great about your grandfather? I have a godfather and a father, they are both very powerful so what makes your grandfather so scary?”

Although Bai Xiachen’s heart didn’t want to recognize Di Cang’s status, but in times like these, he still found it useful to use the man’s identity.

Enraged, the little bully fights back: “My mother said I’m the most powerful person on this continent. If I want someone dead then they can only die! Also, I’m destined to rule over this land. By then not only will your godfather and father have to lick my shoe, you too will have to lick my shoe!”

Gleaming a bloodthirsty light in those baby eyes, Bai Xiachen’s aura turned dangerous: “Try saying that again!”

“Not only am I going to keep saying that, I’m also going to beat you! Kneel and beg for mercy this instant!”

Rushing forward in a raging manner, that chubby and slow hand takes a swing for Bai Xiachen’s face.

His mother had told him he’s the royal grandson, the noblest person in this world. If someone doesn’t obey then he can force them to obey by beating them!


Before the little bully’s hand could even land on that tender face, Bai Xiachen’s firm hand had already grabbed at that chubby wrist.



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