Overturning the Heavens chapter 135

Chapter 135 “Cruel Things”

“It should be you who needs to apologize to this little brother here!”

“Based on what? I am the royal grandson of the king! Whatever I do is always right.”

Royal Grandson?

Blinking his baby eyes, now Bai Xiachen finally understood why this fat kid would be so arrogant. He’s the son of Bai Ruo, that evil woman!

“Little Rice, go bite him!”

After learning this fat kid was the son of his enemy, Bai Xiachen immediately made his command and let loose the baby tiger for a little rampage.

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Without delay, Little Rice quickly rushes forward for the indicated target. Using those sharp claws and fangs of his, he swiftly swiped them across the little bully’s face and caused a shrieking amount of pain in its wake.

“Save me, all of you hurry and come save me!”

The eunuchs and maids originally wanted to go knab Bai Xiachen there, but upon hearing that screaming voice in the back, they immediately made a returning dash for the kitty instead.

Sadly for them though, the kitty’s movements were too flexible. In a flash, Little Rice had escaped the encirclement and was right behind the bully’s back, a perfect spot for another swipe of his claws. Bleeding profusely at the neck area from the second swing, there’s no question that the little bully was in some serious pain here.

Watching this from the side, the other princes and princesses were all shuddering at the sight. Subconsciously, they took a step backwards to gain some more distance between themselves and the horrific boy.

“Are you alright?” Running up to the skinny boy, Bai Xiachen lends a helping hand to the poor kid, “My name is Bai Xiachen and my mother is Bai Yan, she is the most beautiful and kind woman in the world.”

“I…” The skinny boy hesitated at first from that outreaching hand, but once he came back to his senses, he happily took it: “My name is Nangong Zhun. Now that you’ve offended the royal grandson for my sake, there’s no way he will let you go.”

Pinching his mouth to the side, Bai Xiachen appeared a little unhappy: “So what if he’s the royal grandson, I’m not afraid of him. My mother said I shouldn’t go make trouble, but I mustn’t run from trouble either if they come knocking.”

Whenever Bai Xiachen mentions the word “mother”, the light in the skinny boy’s eye would grow dimmer.

“You don’t have to worry. If my mother knows that you’ve been bullied then she will definitely not sit idle.” Making a reassuring gesture, Bai Xiachen confidently pats his chest.

Evoking a bittersweet smile, Nangong Zhun appeared quite sad at the topic: “It’s so good to have a mother…”

His mother was but a palace maid here and he himself a child born of mistake when the king became intoxicated one night. To make it more embarrassing, the man himself had completely forgotten about the incident after coming to. If not for his mother becoming pregnant after the case, none would’ve ever known.

Though his mother had managed to give birth to himself through much difficulty, but in the end a place like the palace wasn’t one for a person without backing. Eventually, his mother perished under the continuous grind of life here, leaving him all alone to suffer in this world.

“Nangong Zhun, from now on my mother is your mother.”

Bai Xiachen grabs at the boy’s wrist: “Come with me, I will take you to see my mother.”

Going stiff in the body, Nangong Zhun’s brow inexplicably furrowed into a knot as his eyes looked down at the pulling hand.

Finding the boy not moving, Bai Xiachen turns around to see why. That’s when he noticed Nangong Zhun trying to look away after being caught. Wrinkling his lovely face at the strange behavior, he swiftly raised the skinny boy’s sleeve to investigate.

Though Bai Xiachen had prepared himself for the worst here, but that sight was still shocking beyond his belief.

That skinny arm from the wrist up was in complete tatters. There’s not a single patch of skin still intact. Bruises of all kind, green, purple, and scars of burn and knife marks, just watching it would make one ache in the heart.

Very uncomfortable inside, Bai Xiachen was seriously wondering who could do such a cruel thing. To an eight years old child no less.

If an arm is already like this, then what about that body? Wouldn’t there be even more injuries underneath that linen robe?


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  1. Xiachen is so cute. He automatically praises his mother as part of his self intro and adopts a brother as and when he likes. He must be a little sad it isnt a sister.

    Can you imagine, 1 month later
    DC: how dare you adopt a child without my consent?
    BY: didn’t you want a football team? I am just helping you gather them

  2. thanks for the chapter

    Xiachen and Zhun will make a great (and cute) brothers combo

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