Overturning the Heavens chapter 148

Chapter 148 “The Dead Man is Here Again (2)”

It didn’t take much for Bai Yan to see through to the man’s intent. Sneering in her mouth: “You want to use me to build a connection with the Flower Brothel aren’t you? Let me state this clearly first. I don’t hold any weight with them so lose the idea.”

“Wait!” Seeing his daughter about to leave, Bai Zheng Xiang hurriedly called out, “Daughter, I know I’ve wronged you. Can you forgive me?”

Unemotional in her eyes, Bai Yan’s gaze was no different from someone looking at a stranger: “I heard you, and I much prefer it that you don’t come looking for me again.”

“I…” Turning anxious in his expression, “I have something else I need to ask of you! Di Cang is so fond of you now, can you ask him to release your sister Zhi?”

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Laughing at the request, there’s no happiness or kindness, only a biting cold in the girl’s voice.

“Sister? So even she knows how to come seek my help when in need? Then how about back then? When I was starving in the winter cold, did she ever thought about giving me some food?”

“I still remember what Rong Yu said to me back then. She said I never contributed to the Bai House so I didn’t deserve anything. She would rather feed it to the dogs than to feed me!”

“So, my brother and I would often have to make due with no more than half a bowl of rice in a day. I was scared and hungry. With nowhere else to turn to, I ran to seek your help. And guess what you did? You yelled at me and directly kicked me out of the study room and called me ungrateful and a liar!”

And now…. This man wants to talk family bonds? HA! As if the world would have such a good thing going around?

Left with no way to rebuke, Bai Zheng Xiang became weak in his voice: “Daughter, I know I didn’t do a good job, but please, help your sister. Consider it me apologizing here today. ”

“Since you know you have wronged me then why are you asking me to plead for you? Do you know the crime of impersonating a royal family member? It’s the death sentence. The fact that Di Cang didn’t outright kill her is already a great act of mercy. Now she only needs to suffer a bit of pain and you still want less?”

“Daughter,” with pain in his eyes, “how can Zhi bear that sort of pain when she’s been protected throughout her life? I know if you just go ask Di Cang then surely he will do as you say.”

“And, even if I and Yu Rong have wronged you, Zhi is still your younger sister. She is innocent… I hope you can forgive them and not hold a grudge.”

My daughter is kind and gentle, so as a father, how can I idly watch and do nothing? No matter what, I will rescue Zhi from the prison.

Sneering derisively: “And what does that have to do with me?”

What’s more, this time she’s here to topple the entire Bai family. Once she’s done investigating the truth, then nothing will get in her way!

“Bai Yan, you…”


Like a thundering boom, the word “scram” reverberated across the man’s heart. With disbelief in his eyes, Bai Zheng Xiang simply couldn’t believe such a thing could come out of this daughter of his.

“She told you to scram, did you not hear it?” Looking at the man in a condescending manner, Chu Yi Yi takes on a superior position with her pose: “I have never seen such a shameless person before! Bai Yan, I say you should cut off all ties with him this instant and become my father’s daughter instead!”

As soon as this topic came up of her own accord, Chu Yi Yi would feel a bit wronged inside. She herself was the true daughter of her father, yet the old man would always lecture her about not being good enough. To add insult to the wound, her own father had even given away the Holy Island. Fortunately the person was Bai Yan so she didn’t mind it, otherwise….

Bai Zheng Xiang was already quite displeased inside over Bai Yan’s rude remarks, but to be openly insulted in the public by some random girl, he naturally wouldn’t sit tight: “And who are you? What right do you have to cut into our conversation?”


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  1. If only he knows Chu Yi Yi’s background he wouldn’t dare to bark at someone with a formidable status to dig his own grave, since his a shameless coward and all. Instead he will also most likely shamelessly fawn on her and scheme stuff to break the good friendship between Chu Yi Yi and Bai Yan, though it’d be a big smacking failure like the unexecuted plan he has with stepmum for BY and Di Cang

    Thanks for the chapter!!! >3<

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