Overturning the Heavens chapter 153

Chapter 153 “Di Cang’s Revenge (1)”

“No!” When she heard Chu Yi Yi wishing to tag along, Bai Yan’s face instantly went dark. “You stay here, you can’t go anywhere.”

With a confused look, Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) turns to the source: “Cousin, my big brother will also enter the palace. Besides, it’s not like were going anywhere dangerous, only to carry out the punishment per your arrangement.”

“I’m not afraid of her being in danger, I’m afraid of others being in danger.”

It’s impossible for Chu Yi Yi to be in danger, only others when in her presence! That’s a fact, not a guess or assumption.

“Sister Yan…” Pitiful in her eyes, “I promise I won’t cause any trouble, so please?”

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Suspicious in her look, Bai Yan carefully asked: “Would you light the entire palace on fire?”

Burn the entire palace?

Twitching in the mouth, Lan Xiaoyun almost couldn’t keep her laughter in. Isn’t she being a bit exaggerated there? How could a single girl burn the entire palace?

But unlike the young girl there, Bai Yan still hasn’t forgotten about the last incident where her son and this Chu Yi Yi teamed up together to burn her shifus entire treasure trove! Since then, Bai Yan had inexplicitly forbade Bai Xiachen from colluding with her ever again.

“I swear to the Heaven that I won’t burn the whole palace down.” Raising three of her fingers, Chi Yi Yi didn’t hesitate to make a vow. Good thing she did too because it worked.

“Xiaoyun, you take her then. Remember to watch over her though and keep her in your sight at all times!” Finally loosening herself, Bai Yan relents in the end.

Elated, Lan Xiaoyun confidently takes the helm: “Don’t worry Cousin, I will definitely bring Yi Yi back safely.”

With the assurance, Bai Yan can finally stop worrying so much and not say more. Giving herself a quick stretch, she then lazily marched towards the back again.


Meanwhile back at the Bai House, a certain servant was carrying Bai Zheng Xiang into the estate with much difficulty.

“Husband, Husband! Who turned you into this horrible state?” Yu Rong exclaims with horror after seeing the sight and rushes over.


Unclear in his words, the man nevertheless manages to make out this name through it all. When hearing this, Yu Rong naturally became fuming.

Bai Yan again!

Why is that bitch always crossing our path?

“Quickly, go find an alchemist to see the housemaster!” Not hesitating, Yu Rong first carried her husband into the bedroom before shouting this command out.

It didn’t take long after the servant left. When the old alchemist in which they called for arrives to see the terribly bruised up man, even his already wrinkly forehead somehow manages to become even more tied up: “Lord Bai’s injury is very heavy. Even with a first or second grade healing pill won’t do here.”

“Master, please cure my husband.” Yu Rong painfully bites her lip.

Alchemists had always been arrogant and prideful in their demeanor. Even though she herself was the mistress of the Bai House, it means nothing for her dignity while in the presence of someone like this.

Combing through his long white beard, the old man confidently spoke: “It’s not impossible to cure your husband here, but we need a third grade healing pill for his injury.”

“What? Third grade pill?” Her voice nearly came out as a shriek.

It’s been said before many times, Bai Zheng Xiang achieved his current state thanks to Lanyue’s (Bai Yan’s mother) dowry. Without a good business sense, plus everything has been squandered away over the years, the Bai House was pretty much an empty husk at this stage.

“Master Yu, the price of the medicine…” A tad hesitant, Yu Rong nervously asked.

Without changing, the old alchemist lays it out bluntly: “Ten million… gold.”

“This….!” The woman almost couldn’t keep her posture there. Originally she wanted to bargain over the price, but out of consideration for the Bai name, she can only suck it up and agree. If it becomes known the Bai House can’t even afford a single third grade pill, they will surely be the laughing stock of the century.



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