Overturning the Heavens chapter 165

Chapter 165 “The Unlucky Princess (3)”

“Crown Princess, she…”

“What happened to the crown princess?” Nangong Yuan’s brow quickly wrinkled into a knot.

Towards this daughter-in-law of his, he was honestly very pleased with her. The only blemish was Bai Ruo’s inability to properly teach her son.

“Crown Princess, she’s fainted from being beaten by the rod. But because the punishment isn’t over yet, they wouldn’t let anyone get close to treat her.”

Nangong Yuan frowned, his eyes showing a flare of anger.

That Lan Shaoling is too impudent. Just because he has the backing of Di Cang right now doesn’t mean he can make a move against the royal family. Just wait until that man stops being infatuated with Bai Yan. I like to see how your Lan House is going to survive then!

“Your Majesty, something big has happened!”

Before Nangong Yuan could say anything else, another panicking voice had broken through the doorway.

“The royal palace is on fire and even the treasury has been burned down! Please Your Majesty, you must flee now…”


Nangong Yuan was completely angered now: “Who is bold enough to burn my treasury?”

“No… Your Majesty, the fire wasn’t meant for the treasury, it was meant for the crown prince’s place. But due to the intensity of the flames, the fire eventually spread outwards and reached the treasury.”

“My son’s place?” Gloomy and dark in his face, the king’s expression was unreadable here: “Is it Lan Shaoling?”

“No…” The eunuch erased the sweat from his forehead, “It’s a young girl brought over by the eldest daughter of the Lan House. The girl also removed the entire back garden after seeing how beautiful the flowers were…”

While they were still discussing this, the reddish color of the flames were quickly reaching over to their location. Gritting his teeth, the king can only do the next logical move: “Quick, retreat!”

Fortunately for the man, he was smart enough to store the most important items inside his storage ring. Otherwise, who knows how big of a loss he would face today.


Still oblivious to the huge mess that’s occurring inside the palace, Bai Yan was peacefully resting inside the old manor when a series of footsteps caught her attention. Opening her eyes: “Yi Yi, you are back already?”

Being called out so suddenly, Chu Yi Yi literally jerked backwards out of guilt: “Bai Yan, how come you are sleeping behind the fake mountain?”

“I was waiting for you,” jumping down from her spot, she inspects the girl. “Did you make any trouble?”

Coughing hard, “No, absolutely not!”

It’s pretty obvious here Bai Yan didn’t believe her word. Approaching the teenage girl, she reveals a threatening smile: “You think I won’t know just because you don’t say it?”

“I…” Chu Yi Yi retreated several steps again, her voice weak: “All I did was steal your big cousin’s rod and knocked Bai Ruo out…”

What she said was the truth with a slight detail missing. If Lan Shaoling didn’t grab the rod back right away, she would’ve kept going without holding back!

“This is nothing, what else?”

“I… I…. burned the palace, but I didn’t kill anyone innocent.”

And of course, she didn’t bother to give the part about her stealing the flowers from the entire back garden.

Twitching incessantly in the corner of her eye, Bai Yan just knew it. By letting this girl into the palace, there’s bound to be trouble ahead.

“It’s a real pity to burn it all. I heard there’s a lot of silver and gold inside the treasury. You should’ve moved them all instead.”

Thinking about all those money being wasted away, Bai Yan couldn’t help but feel bad for the ending. Though the wealth of this kingdom was insignificant in her eyes, but its still money.

Who can deny having too much money?

Seeing her friend not getting angry, Chu Yi Yi quickly showed a full turn around. No longer timid, she grinningly came before her friend.


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  1. At least we know why she was hesitant to let Chu Yi Yi go…she was afraid the girl would totally corrupt her ‘innocent’ cousins! Lol!

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