Overturning the Heavens chapter 169

Chapter 169 “Return the Dowry (3)”

“Is that right?” Bai Yan throws a skeptic eye at Di Cang’s lower half.

If he never had a reaction before, then what changed? I didn’t even do anything.

Noticing the wicked gaze from the devilish woman, Di Cang’s smile only got rosier: “Now that you know so much, it’s imperative that I don’t let you go.”

In response, Bai Yan’s face went dark: “But it’s you who told me everything!”

“I don’t care. I just know you are in on my secrets so you have to stay by my side.”

“Then I’m regretting asking you these questions.”

“It’s too late for that……” Grinning, As if you can dump me so easily, you unlucky woman.

“Fine, if you really want to marry me, then you have to promise that you can’t go for my bed until we are bonded. Otherwise, I will rather die than to accept you in the future.”

Contemplating the idea for a moment, Di Cang finally replied: “Very well, I promise you.”

He’s already waited six years, another while won’t make a difference here. But when the time does come though, Di Cang swears by his name that he will make her unable to leave the bed for three days straight!

“I’ll go get someone to prepare the room for you,” Bai Yan grits her teeth. “Once your place is repaired, you are moving back!”

“I’m alright with that.” Without hesitation, the man answers on the spot.

Repaired? Hoho, that’s only if it ever gets fixed…..

Slowly relaxing, Bai Yan had in fact lied here. When given enough time, she will use the opportunity to run with her son.

“It’s not early anymore so I’m going to rest. You serve yourself.” After stating this, she swiftly rushed away, afraid the man would suddenly pounce at her again.

Watching that departing back, Di Cang’s smile somehow manages to become even more enchanting: “It seems it’s time for me to get married.”


Compared to the tranquility on this side, the Bai House on the other hand was in utter chaos.

First was Di Cang announcing to the world that they must return the dowry in order to save Bai Zhi, then came the news that their youngest daughter was currently taking customers at the Flower Brothel.

Despite their swift response to go investigate in person, none of the Bai family members could get inside the establishment. To add insult to the injury, the Flower Brothel wouldn’t even recognize they had seized the girl.

With no evidence and no way to confirm if the news was true, their only recourse was to check the prison.

However, their efforts also hit a brick wall on this front. The only answer they got from the prison guards were a “you are mistaken, your daughter is still inside the cell…..”

In the end, Yu Rong and Bai Zheng Xiang can only cave in and submit to Di Cang’s demand. The wife ran to the palace to retrieve the accessories she’s given away over the years while the husband pressured his subordinate powers a second time to gather the funds.

For a time, the entire nation was ran over with grief and anger. Some had even turned around to seek refuge under the Lan House.

No matter how powerful a force was, if they lose the support of those below, it’s a eventuality that another similar power would overtake the first. Bai Zheng Xiang knew at least this much, but he can’t be too picky at this point….

By the time the dowries were cobbled together, another month had passed.

“I will go match the dowries here with the list at the office. If even one thing is missing, I will have you puke it back out.” Bai Yan coldly stares down at the red-eyed man that’s supposed to be her father.

“Bai Yan, are you really going to go this far to completely disregard our father and daughter bond?” The man’s eye was full of anger: “Tell me honestly, was it you who had Di Cang persecute us!”

Lowering her tea cup, Bai Yan only scoffed a laugh: “Whether it’s me or not, the fact remains that these belong to me. And, this is just the first step! Don’t forget, everything that you have today is the result of my mother being overly infatuated with you. Or do you think those Dan pills are without consequences?”

The man sneered: “I’ve already returned what needs to be returned, and the pills are already consumed by me. Do you expect me to spit them back out?”

“I won’t have you spit them back out…” Bai Yan paused, letting her dreadful smile take hold: “But, I can have your strength revert back to the stage where you never ate the pills.”


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  1. Revenge is a very cooold dish!! Also what father and daughter bond is he talking about? When he was humiliating his daughter, beaten her he didn’t consider it at all. Now he wants to think about it. Screw off! You reap what you sow: this is the universal truth.

  2. Haha lol both father & daughter are digging their graves for entirely different reasons.

    Di Cang is going to tire out Bai Yan in bed for 3 days and make her pop more babies, as punishment for starving him and attempting to escape.

    Bai Yan ain’t having anything left out if scum father doesn’t return everything to last drop of the dowry, or face the consequences of losing his cultivation power = suppressed subordinate powers gets revenge.

    Oh so Bai Zhi already becoming experienced as she does the “deed” with several men, compensating Bai Yan for the damage fee from many years back. Though the damage can’t be fully compensated as Di Cang want to stick to her no matter what.

    Thanks for the chapters!!! ^0^

  3. omg for once stop thinking about escaping BY it’s not that easy and if you get caught i can only imagine what will happen lmao

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