Overturning the Heavens chapter 171

Chapter 171 “Threat (2)”

Dazing out for a second, Bai Yan looked on in surprise at the man.

She only thought he didn’t want to return the dowries, but to think his ambitions were this great….

Hoho, as if a terrifying man like Di Cang would be so easily manipulated?

Getting no response from the girl, Bai Zheng Xiang naturally mistakes this as a form of weakness due to fear. Smirking, he continues with absolute arrogance in his voice: “Bai Yan, so long as you listen to me, I will keep this secret for you.”

Watching the complacent face from her foe, Bai Yan couldn’t resist returning a smirk of her own: “Go ahead and say what you want. I will repeat my words from before. The dowries are staying and I am expecting the Dan pills in three days time. Otherwise, I will have your strength reverted back to a time before your boost!”

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If Bai Zheng Xiang wants to dig his own grave then why should she interfere? Heck, this will save her the trouble and get a good show out of this.

Freezing in his smile, Bai Zheng Xiang’s original arrogant attitude switched to that of astonishment and disbelief: “Are you not afraid of me revealing your secret?”

This woman wants to hook up with Di Cang, no way she’s not afraid. Yes, she must be putting on a face to keep calm.

“Are you going to scram yourself, or do you want me to get someone to throw you out?” Propping her head against the hand, she narrows in her gaze at the clueless man like someone without a worry.

“Bai Yan, you-”

“In three days, return the pills that my mother gave to you. Otherwise, you can expect your strength to be scrapped!” Removing the smile completely from her face, her eyes turned sharp, “Someone come, send this man out! Oh right, that robe on his body, I’m willing to bet he also bought it with my mother’s dowry. Take it too.”

As soon as this statement was said, several men immediately popped out of nowhere.

Though her sentence included the word “send”, but in actual fact, it’s no different from stripping Bai Zheng Xiang of his clothes and tossing the poor man out on the street. To be clear, the guards were wise enough to make it so the person hits the ground face first.

And of course, there’s no Bai Zheng Xiang wouldn’t try to resist here. But to his horror, he discovered every single one of these people were at the sky rank like himself.

When did a simple prostitute of the Flower Brothel get to utilize such powerful men? No matter where they go, these sky rank experts would become masters of a region.

But now so many are here just to protect a single prostitute?

Before he could think further on this topic, a group of onlookers were already gathering around. In order to keep himself from further embarrassment, he hurriedly covered his face with the sleeve from his undergarment and plowed through the crowd.

Unfortunately for him though, there had already been a few passerby’s who recognized him back when he first entered the old manor. With this little fiasco, his name practically exploded in every home across the city. Though famous now, it wasn’t in a good way.


Still inside the old manor, Bai Yan was currently seeping away at some tea when Hualuo (head of the Flower brothel) appeared from the side: “Mistress, are we just going to let him go like that?”

Forming a slight smirk: “If he wants to dig his own grave then why should I stop him?”

“Mistress, because of your matter, Lady Chu can no longer get close to Yu Rong. If so, I believe there’s no need to deliberately conceal your identity anymore.”

The reasoning why Bai Yan didn’t utilize the power of the Flower Brothel at the start was because she wanted to let her spy get close to that hateful woman. But now that things are at this stage, there’s no need to continue with this farce.

Not answering right away, Bai Yan finally asked after a brief thought, “What did Lady Chu find out on her side?”

“We did find some clues and confirmed an unexpected piece of information.” Giving her mistress a deep long look, Hauluo grew worried and concerned: “According to what we discovered from the words of an old nanny that once served your mother, Mrs. Lanyue once gave birth to a stillborn….”

Losing her grip on the tea cup, only the sound of porcelain smashing onto the ground could be heard inside Bai Yan’s ear right now.



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  2. thank you for the chapter. Her mother gave birth to a stillborn. Does this mean she has a sibling who was killed or she is not her mother’s child?

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