Overturning the Heavens chapter 188

Chapter 188 “Wait for Me”

As expected, Lanyue’s death is related to this woman.

Compared to Bai Yan’s thought, the others present only took it as a form of ridicule and nothing more.

By the time Yu Rong managed to recover from her initial shock, the source of her panic was already in front of her: “What are you going to do?”

Bai Yan smirked: “I have here a medicine pill, it can keep your belly from losing that child….”

Yu Rong was already vigilant to begin with. To hear this out of the blue, her alarms were ringing in full steam.

As if she would be so kind!

“Just that the fetus is already dead, meaning it won’t live no matter what. What this medicine pill will do is keep the flesh growing, and at a faster than usual rate at that. Three months later, the stillborn will slide out of you naturally.”

Horror gripped the woman’s face: “What do you mean by that?”

Bai Yan didn’t answer her words; instead, she turned to face Bai Zheng Xiang with contempt in her eyes: “Since you are willing to harm your own son for another man’s child, I will have you learn the truth. When the stillborn is ready and comes out, I will have you do a blood test. By then, you will know what a life worse than death means!”

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Looking at his daughter’s serious expression, Bai Zheng Xiang was truly startled. Shifting his eyes over to his wife, “Is what she said true?”

Tightly biting her lip, Yu Rong refutes the claim outright: “Husband, don’t listen to her nonsense. Whatever she’s saying, it’s all a ploy to divide us. Besides… our child is already dead, how can there be any blood left?”

She’s regretting it now, regretting over her weak self of listening to her mother’s word. Why did she have to go cheat on her husband just for an empty husk of a Bai House?!

But there’s no such thing as returning the arrow once its shot. Biting her lip, Yu Rong figured this must be nothing but a bluff by Bai Yan to make her spell the truth.

“Whether or not you believe it, it matters not. We will know after three months.”

Not giving the shameless woman a chance to respond, Bai Yan quickly shot a pill into Yu Rong’s mouth and forced her to swallow it. This naturally left the latter in utter terror as she attempted to buckle out the medicine from her throat.

“It’s no use, my Dan pill will melt as soon as it comes into contact with water. Now that you’ve taken it, the effects will forever meld into your body.” Bai Yan sneered, knowing what’s awaiting the woman.

Bully my brother? Then I will let you fall into despair using this three months time!

“Do you still remember what I said to you before?” Bai Yan’s eyes shifted back to Bai Zheng Xiang, “I said, if you don’t return the Dan pills that you tricked out of my mother’s hand, I will have your strength reverted back to a state before then. From the looks of it, you don’t seem to have that ability anymore….”

Her meaning was obvious here.

Either return what she wanted, or wait for your strength to regress until it’s no different from being a cripple.

“I’m your father!” Bai Zheng Xiang anxiously roared out this statement.

Even until now, he still wants to use this fact to threaten Bai Yan. Yet, he seems to have forgotten something crucial, it was he who openly expelled his daughter from the family roster….

“How do you want to deal with him?” Suddenly, a deep seductive voice resounded beside Bai Yan’s ear. Glimpsing over, she can see it’s that same handsome face that she wanted oh so much to get away from.

Due to their close proximity, there were no room for Bai Yan to retreat from. In fact, she can even feel the man’s breath knocking against her skin, sending all of her senses going wild with every puff of air.

“I’m going to have his strength regress until it’s like before.”

She did not intend to cripple her supposed father right away; instead, she will slowly have the man experience the pain and helplessness of it all.

“Wait for me.” After leaving behind these words, Di Cang’s figure was already moving over to Bai Zheng Xiang’s location.



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  1. Ah Yu Rong! Yu Rong, you can shamelessly ruin your daughter reputation in order to climb the social edge and even cheat on your husband for riches and luxuries. Is time for you to pay for all the sins you have accumulated. I can’t wait for what your dear husband will do after he learned that you cheated on him and that your proud daugther have been a prostitute.

  2. I guess this means another three months of the Bai family, haaah. Also even the charactors are acknowledging the Bai house as an empty husk. I’m taking this as proof that everything I wrote last chapter is true!
    Thanks for the Chapter.

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